Chris Jericho has officially "banned" Jim Cornette from watching AEW programming

Chris Jericho "bans" Jim Cornette from watching AEW

  • Chris Jericho has taken to Twitter to "ban" Jim Cornette from watching AEW
  • Jim Cornette was highly critical of the Chris Jericho/Orange Cassidy debate
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AEW wrestler, Chris Jericho, took to social media to officially "ban" Jim Cornette from watching any future episodes of AEW programming. "Le Champion" also stated that the legendary wrestling manager was also under "AEW suspension" until further notice.

Jericho would take to his official Twitter account to make the following announcement:

"I am officially banning @TheJimCornette from watching any & all future episodes of #AEWDynamite & #AEWDark. He is under @AEWrestling suspension until further notice. Thank you. #DemoGod"

Chris Jericho and Jim Cornette have a long history together that dates back to 1994. Cornette would be the person to give Jericho his first big break in professional wrestling in North America. Cornette signed the team of Chris Jericho and Lance Storm to his promotion, Smoky Mountain Wrestling, as the tag team, "The Thrillseekers".

Jim Cornette reviews Chris Jericho and Orange Cassidy's debate

Jim Cornette has been highly critical of All Elite Wrestling's product since the promotion debuted in 2019. The legendary wrestling manager has taken several AEW wrestlers to task such as Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks, Sonny Kiss, Orange Cassidy, and more.

This week during an episode of his podcast 'The Jim Cornette Experience', Jim Cornette was highly critical of the Chris Jericho vs Orange Cassidy debate from AEW Dynamite:

"'The Great Debate', our next presidential feature between Chris Jericho, former mainstream wrestling star and now sadly out of shape, past his expiration date, canned ham on a gameshow, against 'pockets' [Orange Cassidy]. And, the debate got pyro. Which actually was the most exciting part of it."

While Jim Cornette did suggest that Chris Jericho was trying his best to make the debate between Orange Cassidy and Chris Jericho work, Cornette still criticized Chris Jericho for agreeing to do the segment in the first place:

"Jericho tried, he was really cutting a promo on him [Orange Cassidy], trying to make this entertaining. And, it's just a one note joke, this ******* clown. It was old the first time you see it, it get's older after that. I know Jericho doesn't need the money, so that's why i think it's so embarrassing that a guy that's been at that level of star in this business, agreeing to do this and not even needing the money for it. I could understand if he...[made] bad investments, he was broke, he had sick family members...but just doing this because he wants to be a gameshow host next, i don't know."

What are your thoughts on Chris Jericho "banning" Jim Cornette from watching all future episodes of AEW programming? What is your opinion on Jim Cornette's criticism of AEW?

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Published 10 Aug 2020, 04:25 IST