Chyna's mother opens up about her legacy in WWE

  • Chyna was the first woman to enter the WWE Royal Rumble.
  • Chyna's mother recently discussed her legacy in WWE.
Modified 25 Nov 2020, 18:06 IST

WWE legend Chyna is one of the most dominant female Superstars in the history of the promotion. She was the first female to enter the Royal Rumble also is also the only female WWE Intercontinental Champion. She was posthumously inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2019 as a part of DX.

Chyna's mother opens up about her legacy in WWE as well as her childhood


As part of the interview series Documenting Chyna, WrestlingINC Daily recently spoke to the late WWE's legend's mother, Janet LaQue. Chyna's mother opened up about Chyna's legacy in wrestling and the impact she's had on a generation of fans:

Well, to be honest with you, I’m still trying to wrap my head around it because I guess I really never realized, until after her death, actually quite a while after her death, what kind of an impact she had on people, and it just makes me very proud. And I just wish she were here so I could put my arms around her and tell her how proud I am of her. It’s unbelievable. It really is. It’s a lot to take in to tell you the truth.

Chyna's mother went on to discuss what Chyna was like when she was growing up. She said that Chyna always had a larger than life personality and that she always liked being an entertainer. Chyna's mother also spoke about the late WWE legend's terrific sense of humor:

She was colorful. She was larger than life. She loved to entertain. From the time she came out, she was a very good baby. She was a delightful child. I can’t remember anything about her childhood that was negative. I know that sounds kind of ridiculous and maybe I’m kind of prejudiced, but she just was a great kid, and she loved to entertain. She would go over to her grandmother and grandfather’s house and put on puppet shows and dance and make jokes. Even as she got older and even before her death, not too long before her death, she was making jokes. She had a great sense of humor, really warm personality. H/T: WrestlingINC

Chyna's mother also discussed her reaction after seeing Chyna on WWE television for the first time, saying she was "flabbergasted" recognizing her daughter on TV.

Published 25 Nov 2020, 18:05 IST
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