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  • "Don't tell anybody" - Only one person in WWE knew that Brock Lesnar was about to be a father
Lesnar told only one person that he was about to be a father

"Don't tell anybody" - Only one person in WWE knew that Brock Lesnar was about to be a father

Brock Lesnar once had a heartfelt chat with Paul Heyman mere weeks before the birth of his daughter.

Apart from their onscreen association, Lesnar is incredibly close to Paul Heyman in real life. The duo have known each other for more than two decades at this point.


Paul Heyman recently appeared on the Tetragrammaton podcast and chatted with Rick Rubin. Heyman shared a touching story featuring himself and Brock Lesnar from the latter's first WWE run.

While on a flight, Lesnar showed Heyman a sonogram of his soon-to-be-born daughter.

"And then, he reaches into his pocket and he shows me a picture of a sonogram, and he says, 'I'm about to be a father. My girlfriend is a couple of weeks away. And I'm gonna have a baby girl. Don't tell anybody. I don't want them to know so they can hurt me. I'm not telling anybody yet. I'll let them know when it's time,'" Heyman recalled. [1:06:14-1:06:50]

Paul Heyman then revealed to Brock Lesnar that he was about to have a daughter as well


Paul Heyman reacted to Lesnar's comment by showing him a picture of his own. Heyman's girlfriend was months away from having a baby girl, and the veteran shared the news with Lesnar during their talk. Heyman was also hell-bent on keeping it a secret from his co-workers.

The duo bonded over the births of their baby daughters, and their bond only grew stronger with time. Heyman is still close to Lesnar all these years later.

Both men have done well for themselves in WWE over the past two decades and are guaranteed future Hall of Famers.


Heyman is doing quite possibly the best work of his career as The Bloodline's mouthpiece on SmackDown. As for Lesnar, he is currently engaged in a feud with Cody Rhodes.

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