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Paul Heyman


Early life and Origin:

Paul Heyman is most famous as a manager, despite also being a producer, wrestling writer,

promoter and commentator for WWE currently. He started his career in WCW as a manager, before

being the owner and creative brain behind ECW from 1993 till its closing in 2001. Heyman ran ECW

as the third biggest brand during the Attitude Era.

Life in WWE:

Throughout his time in WWE, Paul Heyman has managed five big names, the likes of Big Show, Kurt

Angle, CM Punk, Rob Van Dam and his most famous association, Brock Lesnar. But the man himself

has denied the tag of ‘manager’ for years, and chooses to be known as ‘The Advocate’ of Lesnar. As

the spokesperson of Lesnar, Heyman has been one of the most hated heels of the current wrestling


Managing Brock Lesnar:

As the Advocate, Paul Heyman helped Brock Lesnar win the Undisputed WWE Championship,

making Lesnar the youngest wrestler to do so at the time. Later at the Survivor Series, he turned on

Lesnar to side with Big Show.

SmackDown Manager:

In 2003-2004, Paul Heyman was the GM of SmackDown on-camera assuming the position from

Stephanie McMohan who was forced to resign (kayfabe). But he quit when he was drafted to Raw,

rather than work for Raw GM Eric Bischoff.

Departure and Return:

Paul Heyman left WWE over a dispute with McMahon regarding an Elimination Chamber match, only

to return in 2012 after Brock Lesnar personally requested his presence.

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