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Can you smell what The Rock is cookin', then step up and take part in the WWE Quiz 2023! WWE has been a sport for everyone to watch. From a die-hard fan who can name every Slammy winner to a casual buff who loves watching an RKO outta nowhere.

WWE is known not only for its wrestlers but also for its fans. Whether it is an angry fan about the Miz winning or a young kid shocked by The Undertaker losing his streak, the fans have always connected themselves with whatever happens inside the squared circle.

At home, there are a thousand ways a fan can relive the memories of the ring, but nothing is more exciting than challenging themselves. A squared circle of trivia, where only the truest champions of the WWE lore will emerge victorious, the WWE Quiz is a showdown of brain-busting questions. So, bring the Attitude Era memories, the Ruthless Aggression knowledge, and the NXT hustle to get the best score in the WWE Wrestlers Quiz and more.

Importance of WWE Knowledge

Knowing that Seth Rollins stole the show at WrestleMania 31 is good. But, knowing the fact that this was the only time Rollins has headlined the event is something not everyone is readily aware of. Being knowledgeable of something always feels good and WWE lore is no exception.

The WWE trivia has always been very interesting. Schooling your friends with facts about Roman Reigns’ title run or dropping knowledge bombs about the lineage of the title is something every fan does.

A well-stocked arsenal of WWE trivia transforms one into the ultimate wrestling guru, the go-to source for settling barroom debates and silencing know-it-alls. While every fan is somewhat aware of the industry, WWE Quiz is where they can challenge themselves and learn what they know and do not know about their favourite sport. Or what they did not know until now.

Types of WWE Quizzes

Think your wrestling knowledge runs deeper than the ring canvas? Then prepare to rumble through a gauntlet of challenges. WWE Quizzes can be a lot of types.

  1. Remember the iconic moments that had the world chanting "Yes! Yes! Yes"? You can hop on to a quiz to challenge your knowledge on some of the best underdog moments
  2. Got a memory for pay-per-views etched in steel? See if you can name the victors of WrestleMania's most unforgettable clashes, from The Streak that terrified to Shane McMahon’s Hell in a Cell jump that defied gravity.
  3. Know your championship pedigrees like The Rock knew his catchphrases? From the prestigious WWE Title to the high-flying Cruiserweight Championship, take a WWE quiz to distinguish the gold and recite the reigns of those who held it high.
  4. Got a knack for catchphrases? Put pop culture prowess to the test with lines that still echo through the arenas.

There are dozens more types of WWE quizzes that a fan can partake in. The WWE Quizzes with Answers vary from Wrestlers Quiz to WWE Champion Quiz. It can also be an easy WWE quiz or a hard WWE quiz. But no matter what, it will always be fun WWE quizzes. Because it is never boring to get deep into wrestling.

How to play WWE Quizzes

WWE Quizzes on Sportskeeda can be played by clicking here. There are many wrestlers' quizzes to choose from and one can challenge his knowledge in any topic they want.

  1. There is a predefined time limit for every quiz. While some may last 2 minutes and 30 seconds, the others may last a bit shorter or a bit longer, depending on the time it may require to finish one WWE quiz.
  2. There are 10 questions in each WWE Quiz.
  3. A fan gets 10 points for every correct answer. There are no negative deductions for a wrong answer.
  4. A fan also gets bonus points for the time left from the allotted time. The bonus points are calculated by multiplying the number of seconds left with the percentage of correct answers.
  5. Suppose, a user takes a WWE Quiz and answers eight correct questions out of a possible 10. He takes 90 seconds out of the possible 150 seconds given to him, saving himself the rest 60 seconds. In this case, he earns a bonus of 48 points, which is 60 multiplied by eighty percent. Besides these bonus points, he will also earn 80 straight points for answering eight correct questions. This brings his total point tally to 128 points.
  6. A quiz taker gets to know whether he has answered correctly or not after every question. The final score is revealed to him after the complete WWE Quiz.
  7. A fan can retake the quiz any number of times they want.

Shareable Results on Social Media

One must always share something good with others. Do not stop by just playing the quiz for yourself. One can also share the WWE Quiz with their friends and fellow wrestling quiz fans. You can share the WWE Quiz score on any Social Media handle, i.e., WhatsApp, Instagram, X, or Facebook simply by clicking on share.

FAQs on WWE Quizzes

Q. What is the WWE Quiz 2023 all about?

A. The WWE Quiz 2023 is all about challenging your WWE knowledge and enjoying the fascinating trivia of the squared circle.

Q. Are the answers provided immediately after each question?

A. Yes. A fan gets to know the correct answer to each question immediately after he has submitted his answer for the same.

Q. How often is the WWE Quiz updated for new content?

A. WWE Quiz is updated very often and new WWE Quizzes are added regularly.

Q. Can I share my quiz results on social media?

A. Yes, you can share you result on social media platforms

Q. Is there a specific quiz for WWE champions and their history?

A. A specific quiz for WWE Champions and their history will soon be made available.