WWE cards can often undergo changes due to time constraints.

Former WWE star walked out of WrestleMania after Vince McMahon informed about his match being canceled 

Former WWE star Aron Steven (FKA Damien Sandow) recently recalled Tyrus (FKA Brodus Clay) walking out of the arena during WrestleMania 29 after a match they both were involved in got canceled.

Known to WWE fans as Damien Sandow, Stevens worked for the global juggernaut first from 2003 to 2007 and later from 2010 to 2016. As for Clay, he worked for the promotion from 2006 to 2014. During the time of WrestleMania 29, both Aron Stevens and Tyrus were merely treading water on WWE's main roster.

In a recent interview with WrestlingNews, the NWA star recalled how he and Tyrus were scheduled to compete in an eight-man tag team match at WrestleMania 29. Stevens disclosed that the bout was eventually scrapped as The Undertaker and CM Punk's nearly 24-minute No-Holds barred match went to overtime.

The former MITB winner also said that Vince McMahon informed them about the match's cancelation at the last minute, and Tyrus walked out of the arena.

"But I will say this: Tyrus or Brodus ... he handled it cooler than anyone I have ever [seen]. We're there, we are lined up. [Tyrus and his partners] were getting ready to go out first, and Tyrus is right there. Vince [McMahon] drops the news on us. And I knew what was going on because I saw the disappointment and it was this horrible thing. Tyrus simply just turned [laughs] and started walking, and walked out of the arena.

Furthermore, Aron Stevens revealed that when the former Brodus Clay tried to get back into the MetLife Stadium, an employee at the arena asked him to show his tickets.

"And when I say 'out of the arena,' he was past the parking lot, he was in the street. [He] came back and [a] woman [who worked at MetLife Stadium] said, 'Sorry, can I see your ticket?' And he just looked at her and said, 'Really?' That was it." (H/T -WrestlingInc)

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Aron Stevens on his failed WWE MITB cash-in

In the same interview, Aron Stevens also looked back at this failed MITB cash-in on then-WWE Champion John Cena. He stated that there wasn't much he could do except try to make the best out of the situation. Stevens mentioned that though he may not have liked the decision, as a performer, it was his job to follow the script.

"How would you want me to feel? It's one of those things where it is what it is. And you know what? You can dwell on the past, which, you know, that got to me a little bit. Or you can go forward." Sandow added, "Behind the scenes? Yeah, it can get to me. But as a performer, I go out there; I don't care what I did. I may not like the script I'm handed, but I can weave that straw into gold."

The savior of the unwashed masses couldn't save us.

Damien Sandow fails to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship despite cashing in on John Cena.

Since departing WWE, Aron Stevens has performed for promotions like IMPACT Wrestling and NWA.

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