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Cornette is a veteran pro wrestling booker and ringside manager

Jim Cornette spotted recently debuted 29-year-old star break character on RAW to ask WWE legend for help

Jim Cornette recently reviewed the latest episode of RAW and discussed a segment that involved WWE legend, Trish Stratus. He pointed out a moment many missed when the 29-year-old Zoey Stark seemingly broke character.

Jim Cornette referred to the May 29, 2023, episode of RAW. The show took place a couple of nights after Trish Stratus enlisted the help of Stark at Night of Champions to defeat Becky Lynch. The former NXT star debuted on the main roster during the May 8, 2023, edition of the red show.


On the latest episode of Jim Cornette's Drive Thru, the veteran manager said he wasn't too surprised that fans were "What-ing" Trish Stratus' promo.

"Trish [Stratus] was being a catty, b***hy, kind of low-key heel, and she was delivering the material okay. But it's easy for the crowd, if they want to, to hijack that because she's soft-spoken, and she's doing the material that was prepared, and they're just what-ing her," said Cornette.

Cornette also pointed out that Zoey Stark wasn't as composed when she received "what" chants from the live audience.

Well, with Zoey Stark, this is the first time she has talked on live Monday Night RAW, and the people are what-ing her, and she got lost and had to stand there for a minute. She put the microphone down and I couldn't (...) I jacked my audio up, but I couldn't hear what she said. She asked Trish in some form, 'What the f**k do I do?' and Trish said something, and she got back on the mic." (0:59 - 1:55)

You can watch the full video below:


Jim Cornette thinks WWE doesn't have too many returning female legends to bring back

Jim Cornette's co-host, The Great Brian Last, pointed out that many WWE fans don't view Trish Stratus on the same level as a returning legend like Edge. Cornette said that promos aren't a strong suit for many women on the roster and that they make their money with their muscles.

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The veteran also said that WWE doesn't have too much to offer in terms of returning female legends.

"When we were saying a couple of years ago, we were asking, 'Can they bring back some female legends of the past?' and well, who can still go? And we mentioned Lita and Trish [Stratus] and kind of got stuck, and apparently, they [WWE] are too because they were the only two we've seen," Cornette noted. (5:26 - 5:40)

Cornette missed out on Beth Phoenix and a few others, but the sentiment that there are only a small number of returning female legends could be true.

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