Triple H is the Chief Content Officer of WWE!

"She'll never be a star" - WWE Universe believes Triple H is prioritizing 32-year-old superstar over the entire SmackDown women's division

Triple H might be new when it comes to booking superstars on the main roster, but Hunter has spent nearly a decade working as the Creative Head of NXT. The WWE Universe, however, has begun to believe that The Game is prioritizing Lacey Evans over the entire SmackDown Women's division.

Last year, Triple H became the Creative Head of the company and was promoted to Chief Content Officer for all three brands. The Game made several changes to the product to increase the quality of the shows on the main roster and the monthly events.


WWE has been airing vignettes for Lacey Evans' return for months and she appeared on last night's SmackDown. However, the WWE Universe is under the belief that The Game is promoting Evans over the women's locker room as several superstars haven't been on television for a while:

This is @LaceyEvansWWE like we've never seen her before.

What has gotten into her?

@WWE @LaceyEvansWWE The people want Liv Morgan
Heck, are we not gonna continue on that one time Xia Li interfered last month?
What about Sonya Deville? There's room for her to get a push
How about a renewed singles push for Shayna Baszler? She's actually got the potential
Triple H with Lacey Evans:…
there’s no saving her, like we don’t care
Triple H may not hate women but he very cleary does hate the fans if he insists on putting Lacey Evans and Raquel on my TV screen almost every Friday night
The one women’s match is a Lacey Evans match @TripleH
Stop trying to make lacey evans a thing @TripleH
Triple h, seriously what do you see in Lacey Evans? I’m trying (really am) but she’s just not that interesting to watch. Even if you ignore the woman behind the character, she’s honestly just…… meh and no amount of character revamp is gonna fix that.
.@TripleH stop trying to push lacey evans she’ll never be a star!!
So the only women we get on smackdown are valets and lacey evans reboot for a squash match that lasted 5 minutes?
@TripleH we expected more from you. If you insist on continuing this way, I'd rather have the other guy back in charge of creative.
triple h seeing the #WWEWomenDeserveBetter tag and booking lacey evans and a woman who doesn't even work there as the only women's match of the night

Lacey Evans was repackaged once more as she went back to her army roots and adopted WWE Hall of Famer Sgt. Slaughter's finishing move Cobra Clutch.

Triple H also put Lacey Evans in the Women's Royal Rumble match

Before Lacey Evans went on maternal leave, Vince McMahon pushed the Sassy Souther Bell to the moon. She was involved in a program with Charlotte Flair and Asuka for the RAW Women's Championship during her run.


Upon her return, she was repackaged once more on the blue brand. However, the new gimmick didn't work and she was written off for a while. Fans expected Lacey Evans to leave WWE after Triple H created a new regime.

However, the fans were wrong as Triple H gave her another repackage similar to her original gimmick from NXT. After weeks of vignettes, she faced enhancement talent on a recent episode of SmackDown.

@LaceyEvansWWE is looking to make a statement TONIGHT by winning the #RoyalRumble Match! Will her number give her an advantage?

After her win, she declared her entry for the upcoming Women's Royal Rumble match at the event. It will be interesting to see how Evans performs in the upcoming gimmick match.

Do you think Lacey Evans will win the Royal Rumble match? Sound off in the comment section below.

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