The Rock once used to steal regularly from a local shop

The Rock makes heartwarming gesture to redeem himself for stealing every day from a local shop

The Rock might be one of the top names in the wrestling and film world, but his rise to greatness was not easy. There was a time when he was anything but privileged, and he even resorted to stealing from a local shop back then.

When The Rock was young, he used to regularly steal 'Snickers' bars from the Hawaii 7-eleven in his area. Sharing his story on Instagram, The Rock mentioned how the cashier turned her back so he could get away with the chocolate daily.

"We were evicted from Hawaii in ‘87 and after all these years - I finally got back home to right this wrong. I was broke as hell, so I used to steal a king sized @snickers EVERY DAY from 7-11 for almost a year when I was 14yrs old, on my way to the gym. The Snickers was my pre daily workout 🏋🏾‍♀️ 😂 The same clerk was there every day and always just turned her head and never busted me."

The Rock recently went back to the same shop to buy all the Snickers they had in their stores. He told the cashier to keep those Snickers for anyone who looked like they were trying to shoplift. He also purchased whatever anyone else in the store was buying at the time.

Why the Rock felt the need to go to a gym at a young age


In a previous video, The Rock talked about why he felt the need to go and work out every day in a gym. After his family was evicted, he felt the need to replicate those he had seen who were successful in life.

Whether it was pro wrestlers in his own family or even Hollywood movie stars like Clint Eastwood and Harrison Ford, he connected success with men who built their bodies.

"We were evicted out of our little apartment in Hawaii. I remember at that time, I was 14 years old - 13 or 14. I remember my mom bawling. She was crying because we had no space to live. I was like, wow, I'll do everything in my power to make sure that we never get evicted again, and in my mind, the men who were successful were men who had just built their bodies."

Looking back, it's safe to say that The Rock was successful in what he set out to do at only 14 years of age.


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