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"Why spoil it" - WWE Universe believes Triple H spoiled a massive surprise entrant ahead of Royal Rumble 2023

Triple H is set to face one of the biggest challenges of his career as the creative head of the company. The Game is set to produce Royal Rumble 2023, and fans have high expectations from this year's event. The WWE Universe believes Hunter spoiled Bad News Barrett's return ahead of the event.

Last year, Triple H started his new regime by booking one of the longest-standing premium live events in the company's history called SummerSlam. Fans were overly pleased with the outcome of the show and felt the company is in better hands.


This year's Royal Rumble will be the first-ever under Hunter's new regime and fans want to forget the fiasco that was last year's event. However, WWE Universe feels The Game has spoiled one of the surprise entrants, which is Bad News Barrett, in a segment where superstars picked their numbers for the event. Check it out:

@DMcIntyreWWE just received his number for TONIGHT's #RoyalRumble Match... and it seems he's got some BAD NEWS.
@WWE @DMcIntyreWWE If that music hits tonight during the rumble…
@WWE @DMcIntyreWWE Wade Barrett in the rumble?!?! Let's go
@WWE @DMcIntyreWWE Why spoil it ffs? There was legit no reason to reveal wade is in the rumble
@WWE @DMcIntyreWWE Wade barret returning to the royal rumble would be fire
@WWE @DMcIntyreWWE Wade definitely entering the rumble

It will be interesting to see what role Barrett will be playing at the upcoming event and if he will participate in the gimmick match.


What is Bad News Barrett doing under Triple H's new regime in WWE?

Wade Barrett had a fruitful career as an in-ring performer with the company for almost 10 years. However, he left the company when the League of Nations kicked him out of the stable.

After his departure from WWE in 2016, Barrett spent years working on the independent circuit, mainly in Europe. Unfortunately, those appearances were on-screen and Barrett didn't wrestle.

In 2020, Barrett returned to a new role in WWE when he was hired by the company to become a color commentator on the developmental brand. Last year, he moved to SmackDown as a commentator after Pat McAfee went on a hiatus.

The #RoyalRumble has been my fave event of the year since I was a kid. Unmatched drama, suspense and consequences. Loved being in them too.

Here are my picks for tonight:

Men’s RR: @fightbobby
Women’s RR: @RaquelWWE
Surprise entrant: PAPA SHANGO

There have been numerous reports that spoke about Barrett's participation in the upcoming Royal Rumble match. Bad News' appearance during Drew McIntyre's segment has made Barrett's involvement a talking point ahead of the match.

What do you think Triple H has in store for the fans at Royal Rumble? Sound off in the comment section below.

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