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"I've been in so many different caskets" - WWE legend discusses his experiences wrestling The Undertaker


WWE Hall of Famer Charles Wright has portrayed a number of characters during his career from Kama Mustafa, Papa Shango and The Goodfather to his most popular character, The Godfather. Wright wrestled with some of the top stars in pro wrestling during his career, including his close friend, The Undertaker.

In a recent interview with That 90s Wrestling Podcast, Charles Wright opened up about his experiences working with The Undertaker:

"I always liked working with that dude. I've worked with him as five-six different characters. I've always loved working with him, a pleasure. We started off together and stuff and to this day we are still pretty good friends. I love working with him. I've worked with him as Soultaker, Papa Shango, as Goodfather, as Godfather, as Kama Mustafa. I've worked with him a lot of different times. I've been in so many different caskets it's not funny."

Charles Wright on who helped him come up with The Godfather character in WWE

Charles Wright also discussed the origins of The Godfather character in WWE. Wright said that near the end of The Nation of Domination's run, when the members were starting to veer off in different directions, he felt that creative had nothing for him. He added that with the help of his wife, he came up with The Godfather character:

"At the time, they weren't really doing nothing with me. Mark Henry and D'Lo were kind of pairing off together, The Rock was kind of going on his own, I was kind of getting lost in the shuffle so me and my wife kind of got together and we created this Godfather character and me and Bradshaw kind of started playing with it in the house shows and it was getting over."

Wright is a former WWE Intercontinental Champion and Tag Team Champion. He was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2016.

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