Roman Reigns talks about the spear through the cage
Roman Reigns talks about the spear through the cage

Roman Reigns opens up about the spear through the cage at The Greatest Royal Rumble

Rituparna Routh

In an interview with WWE UK, Roman Reigns said that he was robbed of victory on the night of The Greatest Royal Rumble. He stated that the object in hand was to get out of the cage and he felt like he did all the work to get both him and Brock Lesnar out.

The Tribal Chief added that this is another reason why he chose to work with Paul Heyman, to make sure that robberies as such never happen in his career again.


Roman Reigns continued by adding that spearing The Beast Incarnate through the steel cage in Saudi Arabia and still not capturing the WWE Universal Championship remains one of the biggest 'screw jobs' in the history ofthe promotion.

“I feel like I was robbed of the victory on that night. The object was to get out of the steel cage, and I feel like I did all the work to get both of us out - and not only that if we were to review the tape and I had a Special Counsel, a Paul Heyman in my corner, we could have gone back to the replays and took a better look at it. This is another moment that justifies my reasoning for working with someone like Paul Heyman to make sure some of these robberies never happen to me in my career again. Creating a moment like spearing Brock Lesnar through a steel cage in Saudi Arabia, and for me not to come out of that night as the Universal Champion is one of the biggest screw jobs in the history of WWE." said Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns is not satisfied with the loss, but he mentioned how electric of a match it was and how the live audience even made it better. He talked about how only two Superstars like himself and Brock Lesnar can bring such an exciting match to the table.

The reigning Universal Champion went on to bill himself and his arch-rival as the two "alphas" facing each other and how the level of physicality, destruction, and intensity they bring to the table is of a different level.

"Nonetheless it was an electric finish, and the live crowd ate it up. But that is just one of many moments myself and Brock Lesnar can create, and it is what makes people excited when they see a couple of alphas facing off - the measure of destruction, physicality, intensity and that level of energy we bring to table.” added Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns will aim to walk out of Saudi Arabia as the Universal Champion this time around

On October 21st, Roman Reigns will walk into Crown Jewel 2021 as the Universal Champion and his goal will be to walk out of the event still as the reigning, defending Universal Champion.

The Tribal Chief will share the ring with Brock Lesnar once again and it remains to be seen what sort of physicality and destruction the two men will cause in Saudi Arabia, this time around.

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