Xavier Woods will now go by the moniker of "King Woods"
Xavier Woods will now go by the moniker of "King Woods"

WWE changes Xavier Woods' name again

Abhilash Mendhe

WWE recently made another change to Xavier Woods' name, as per his official profile page on the company's website.

Woods finally achieved his dream of becoming King of the Ring, by defeating Finn Balor at Crown Jewel. PWInsider reported that his name was going to be changed to "King Xavier," moving forward. During the King of the Ring coronation ceremony for Xavier Woods on last week's SmackDown , he was billed as "King Xavier."


Now, WWE has made another change to Woods' name. His WWE roster profile page now bills him as "King Woods."

Xavier Woods had his eye on the "King of the Ring" crown for a while now

Xavier Woods was determined to become the King of the Ring and his Twitter profile dubbed him "Future King of the Ring." He has now changed his Twitter profile name, as can be seen below:


Woods spoke with the NY Post after winning the 2021 King of the Ring Tournament and had a lot to say about his big win.

"It means everything. Because as you stated, this was a chance to break out and show everybody in the company that I have worked in whatever capacity that I can be put in. I’m not just a tag team wrestler. I very much am a tag team wrestler, but I very much believe that singles competitors have a harder time transitioning into tag team wrestlers because tag team wrestling is so complicated and so intricate and there are so many more bodies."
"I feel like tag team wrestlers have a much better chance at becoming incredible single performers because they are used to so many more bodies and so many more things coming at you. You got to keep your head on a swivel at all time. You don’t know if you’re going to get hit from the left or the right. So for me to be able to translate my tag team success into singles success into become royalty is for me, in my career, literally the best case scenario," said Woods.
“THIS IS FOR BREEZE!” May we all have a best friend like @AustinCreedWins
6:17 AM · Oct 22, 2021

Xavier Woods was an afterthought on WWE's main roster for a brief period, but it all changed when The New Day was formed in 2014. The faction gave new life to the careers of Woods, Kofi Kingston, and Big E. Both Kingston and Big E have won WWE titles since then.

Only time will tell if Xavier Woods gets to taste World title gold in the future. For now, he is enjoying his huge, and certainly well-deserved, King of the Ring victory.

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