Returning WWE Superstar takes a big shot at Seth Rollins ahead of in-ring comeback

How will Rollins respond to this?

Lennard Surrao
Published 12 Dec 2019, 02:52

Seth Rollins.

John Morrison made his official return to WWE programming on the most recent episode of WWE's The Bump and he touched upon a host of topics during the hour-long show.


Kayla Braxton asked Morrison about his thoughts on the current crop of WWE Superstars and named many top talents from the roster, including Seth Rollins.

During a podcast appearance from a few years ago, Rollins had interestingly called out Morrison for all the things that The Guru of Greatness had failed to achieve in the WWE.

Morrison first praised Rollins for his longevity at the top of the WWE before addressing the Beastslayer's barbs.

The returning WWE Superstar took shots at Rollins by claiming that it's easy to be a social media tough guy. Morrison didn't mince his words and stated that Rollins is an accomplishment-oriented person who is probably drinking way too much of his own Kool-Aid.

Morrison didn't see any shade of originality in Rollins claiming to be the best as that's what most of the pro wrestling greats such as Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, CM Punk, Curt Henning, and Chris Jericho did. He called Rollins a build-a-bear Superstar as the former Universal Champion is a blend of many well-known wrestlers from the past. 

While Morrison wanted to continue talking about Rollins, Braxton changed the topic of discussion, probably on the insistence of the production crew that relayed the information.

Here's what Morrison had to say about Rollins' past comments:

"So, this was a podcast? It's easy to be that social media tough guy. He's clearly an accomplishment-oriented guy, right? He's citing all his past accomplishments. I feel like this is a guy who's been drinking a lot of his own Kool-Aid, if you know what I mean. Sometimes you shouldn't be drinking that much of your own Kool-Aid.
"He likes to talk about how he's the best, which is not something original in wrestling - like, Bret Hart, Mr. Perfect, HBK, Punk, Jericho - everyone likes to say they're the best, but Rollins believes it and tweets about it, and tells everybody about it. Pretty much non-stop. I think he's a Build-A-Bear Superstar, he's a combination of a lot of guys." H/t Credit: WrestlingInc

John Morrison is expected to return to active competition soon and there is a high possibility of him getting the opportunity to settle the score with Rollins inside the WWE ring.

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