The Judgement Day members will be in action on WWE Royal Rumble!

Surprising news surrounding Judgment Day member’s possible role at the WWE Royal Rumble 2023

WWE Royal Rumble is just around the corner, and a potential update has emerged on who could kickstart this year's edition of the Men's over-the-top-rope battle royal. Please don't read further if you wish to avoid spoilers.

#1 and #2 are the two toughest entries to win the Royal Rumble from. To date, only five men have won the marquee battle royal from the opening spots. Edge won the 2021 edition after entering the first position.


Xero News recently provided an update on the first two entrants in this year's Rumble. The news source stated that Rey and Dominik Mysterio could possibly kickstart the upcoming men's battle royal.

Okay il hint it

#1 is a legend who had beaten Brock before he maybe small but hes a big name.

#2 Has lifted some Iron Recently and has a new Tattoo

The father and son duo have been embroiled in a heated feud since Dom betrayed Rey and Edge at the Clash at the Castle last year to join forces with Judgment Day. The Master of 619 then shifted from RAW to SmackDown to avoid facing his son.


Rey Mysterio could face Dominik at WWE WrestleMania 39

The storyline between Rey and Dominik Mysterio has been going on for months. The feud was put on hold after the WWE veteran refused to battle his son and therefore requested to switch brands.

However, Dom and Rhea Ripley invaded the former world champion's home at Thanksgiving and attacked him after being refused to let in. The duo tried the same shenanigans on Christmas Eve. However, the Master of 619 was better prepared this time around as he called the police on the heel duo, which led to Dominik being arrested.

“Prison Dom” explains what will happen if he and his Dad, Rey Mysterio, share the ring at the #RoyalRumble @DomMysterio35 @Nick_Hausman

The 25-year-old has been a changed man since being released from prison. He and Damian Priest recently challenged The Usos for the RAW Tag Team titles. However, they were unable to win it.

Rey Mysterio, meanwhile, battled against Karrion Kross on SmackDown this week after a brief feud between the two. The former world champion picked up a surprise win over the Herald of Doomsday.

Are you excited about the WWE Royal Rumble? Who do you think will win it this year? Sound off below and let us know!

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