Bray Wyatt followed by his horde of horrors at WrestleMania 31

5 best expected WrestleMania 34 Superstar Entrances

#3 Shinsuke Nakamura

Nakamura made his charismatic debut entrance to a rapturous applause on Smackdown Live

Ever since his debut at NXT, the King of Strong Style has cemented his place on this list. With his unusual charming charisma and unbelievably catchy entrance music, Nakamura has captured the hearts of the WWE Universe.

Part of the reason is thanks to NXT, which in recent years has taken a bold step by introducing a multitude of unique entrances. With its increased stature and prowess behind the main roster, NXT takeover events can flaunt new and incredible ways to walk to the ring. Thus Nakamura, as we know him now, was born, and his inevitable path to the main roster was set.

At his debut on Smackdown Live, it seemed all the emphasis of Nakamura’s character was embodied in his entrance to the ring, and the WWE wanted the audience to know exactly who 'The Artist' was.

At his debut WrestleMania, it seems unimaginable that Nakamura will glide to the ring without a unique sense of style and panache good enough for the ages.

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