The Rock and his daughter Simone Johnson

The Rock shares footage of his daughter training at the WWE Performance Center

  • It's also a nicely produced look at WWE's training process.
Kevin C. Sullivan
Modified 17 Feb 2020, 05:07 IST

WWE Legend, blockbuster movie star, and guy who doesn't really care for Vin Diesel very much, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson usually has a lot on his plate. And not just because he has to eat a lot to keep up that physique.

But that doesn't mean he won't take some time to get back to his roots and help out the next generation of WWE Superstars from time to time. Having his daughter there doesn't hurt, either.


Earlier today, The Rock posted a video on his Instagram account detailing his recent visit to the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, FL. Along with watching his 18-year-old daughter Simone trade moves with NXT's Deonna Purazzo, he also offered her and the other trainees advice, and even answered some questions. (h/t to ProWrestlingSheet).

Rather than the usual smartphone camera footage that frequently gets shared on the social media service, this 8-minute video is highly polished. It also gives a nice insight into what goes on at a usual PC training session, and features trainers like the "Road Dogg" Jesse James, Terry Taylor and Norman Smiley.

If you have any interest in what goes on at the Performance Center, this video is a much watch.

Published 17 Feb 2020, 05:07 IST