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Former WWE Superstars The Authors of Pain and Adam Rose

4 former WWE Superstars who dropped off the radar - where are they now?

The current WWE roster is stocked full of phenomenal superstars. From RAW to Smackdown and NXT, all three brands have a plethora of talented men and women who are providing top-tier entertainment for the WWE Universe.

But what about former superstars? Several talents in recent years have left the company for one reason or another, and while some have wandered off to AEW and other promotions, others have essentially disappeared.


Some former superstars have found their way back to the company, some are rumored to be coming back soon...and some have turned the page and opted for a new way of life outside of professional wrestling.

Today, we take a look at four former WWE Superstars who appear to have dropped completely off the radar and where they are now.


#4 - Tyler Breeze

Former WWE Superstar Tyler Breeze appeared to be on his way to the top

I have to admit, Tyler Breeze is one of my favorite superstars who was released in recent years. It felt like he was primed for a big main roster run once he was elevated from NXT. However, things didn't quite work out as they should have for Prince Pretty.

Tyler Breeze signed with WWE in 2010 and was initially assigned to FCW, which was eventually rebranded to NXT. Breeze first wrestled under his real name, Matt Clement, and was essentially an enhancement talent. However, he was renamed Tyler Breeze when the company revamped FCW into NXT.

Breeze was given a pretty solid run towards the NXT Championship, but he never attained the title and was eventually sent up to the main roster, which is where things fell flat for the rising star. Tyler Breeze was released from WWE in mid-2021 along with his tag team partner Fandango.

Where is Tyler Breeze now?


In 2019, Tyler, along with fellow Canadian wrestler and current AEW star Shawn Spears, opened a professional wrestling training school. The school is called Flatbacks Wrestling and is based out of Apopka, Florida, which is in the greater Orlando area.


Breeze and Spears own and operate the school where prospective wrestlers, managers, and referees alike can hone their craft in a customized eight-week training course.

#3 - Brodus Clay

Former WWE Superstar Brodus Clay could have been a monster

The story of former Brodus Clay is a fascinating one, to say the least. The 6'7", near-400 pound monster was someone who many felt was a product of poor booking and gimmick choices on behalf of WWE creative.

George Murdoch signed his contract in 2009 and was initially assigned to the then-developmental brand Deep South Wrestling. He would first be known as G-Rilla, which was a gangster-type heel persona.

While his early days with the company were nothing to write home about, he would eventually gain some momentum that carried him to the main roster, but as a totally different character: the free-spirited dancing machine named Brodus Clay.

Brodus and his Funkadactyl sidekicks Cameron and Naomi were loved by fans, mostly the younger demographic. Brodus Clay was a fun persona to follow, but the Funkasaurus was never really taken seriously. In the summer of 2014, Brodus Clay parted ways with WWE.

Where is he now?


Since leaving the company, Brodus Clay is now once again simply known as Tyrus. He is currently wrestling with Billy Corgan's revamped NWA. Tyrus is currently the reigning NWA Television Champion.

Tyrus can also be seen occasionally on FOX News as a guest political commentator for various shows on the network, providing analysis and opinions on a wide range of political and real world topics.

#2 - Adam Rose

The fun-loving, free-spirited WWE Superstar Adam Rose

In 2010, Ray Leppan signed with WWE and was assigned to FCW as Leo Kruger. Eventually, Kruger evolved into a party host known as Adam Rose. When the company rebranded its developmental brand into NXT, Adam Rose and his Rosebuds brought new life and a fun-loving spirit to the brand.

The Exotic Express crashed the main roster party in 2014 when Adam Rose made his RAW debut, with his loud and wild eccentric entorouge by his side. Adam Rose and his Rosebuds provided a unique element of excitement to the WWE Universe, and while his overall success was limited, there's no question that this experiment was a win.

Where is he now?

After leaving the company, Adam underwent a major body change. He apparently became infatuated with hitting the gym and the gains proved to be successful for him, as shown in various online photos.

Former WWE Superstar Adam Rose Has Significantly Changed His Appearance wrestlr.me/59647/ #wwe #adamrose

Following his departure from the company, Rose took a limited number of independent bookings as Aldo Rose, but it was a short-lived run as he retired from wrestling in 2019.

#1 - Former WWE Tag Team Champs Authors of Pain

The Authors of Pain should have been huge WWE stars

Very few tag teams have made such an immediate impact as Akam and Rezar of The Authors of Pain. The monstrous duo made their WWE debut at the 2016 NXT Takeover: The End event. The Authors of Pain immediately put the roster on notice that things were about to pick up in a destructive way.


Akam and Rezar quickly became NXT Tag Team Champions before eventually making the leap to the main roster in April 2018. Things appeared to be going well for AOP on the main roster, but their push was short-lived. After a stint in the 24/7 title scene, The Authors of Pain were released from their contracts in September 2020.

Where are they now?

Akam and Rezar took a roughly two-year hiatus from wrestling before making a comeback as "The Legion of Pain" in early 2022.

The former superstars announced the launch of their own promotion called Wrestling Entertainment Series and were scheduled to hold their first big event in the UK, but the event was canceled due to poor ticket sales. They made two more attempts to reschedule the event, but both were also canceled as well.

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