The Big Dog with Big Connections

What if Roman Reigns never joined The Shield?

  • Let's dig deeper into what might have transpired if The Big Dog wasn't a Shield member.
Nickki Ciao

A lot of details came out in the aftermath of CM Punk's controversial departure from WWE. A lot was said during The Pipe Bomb and after CM Punk left WWE on various podcasts and interviews. CM Punk dismantled the hierarchy with which WWE run its business and the idea of their "Chosen One" getting all the credit.


CM Punk went on to accuse Triple H, John Cena and The Rock for being the favorites of Vince McMahon on their success in the company. All of which did rounds in the wrestling world but among his many accusations, Punk claimed that The Shield was his idea did not gather much attention. CM Punk's accusation that he wasn't credited for his idea behind The Shield made rounds for a couple of weeks only to die down like his UFC Career.

According to CM Punk who actually had Kassius Ohno as the third member of The Shield might not sound as promising today. But there are various reasons why Roman Reigns success in WWE is mostly because of his involvement with The Shield. Let's discuss different scenarios if Roman Reigns hadn't joined The Shield.

RAW's muddy Main-Events

Roman Reigns

It's a fact that ever since WWE decided to push Roman Reigns as the top-face of WWE and this was around 6 years back, RAW has been all about him. Reigns has been on RAW as long as we can remember him and this involves his controversial rise to main event status.

If the Big Dog hadn't joined The Shield, RAW would have had other talented Superstars get an equal footing and every RAW Main-event wouldn't have been centered around The Big Dog.

With that being said, RAW would have become more lively and the whole controversy on his sudden rise would have been a far-fetched idea. RAW's muddy main-events and almost one-sided tale whenever Reigns is involved would have never occurred in our minds.

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Published 20 Sep 2018, 18:18 IST