205 Live had a stellar main event between Roderick Strong and Odyssey Jones
205 Live had a stellar main event between Roderick Strong and Odyssey Jones

WWE 205 Live Results: Roderick Strong competes in a stellar main event against Odyssey Jones

K Sai Krishna

Roderick Strong was featured in the main event of WWE 205 Live as he collided with the finalist of the NXT Breakout star tournament, Odyssey Jones, who was coming off a loss against LA Knight.

Beating the champion in a non-title match would have given him a massive boost, while Strong, who has been on a roll as of late, was looking to continue his momentum.


Jeet Rama faced Boa, who hasn't put a foot wrong on the purple brand and has strung together a few wins. Josh Briggs was involved in Tag Team action as he and Brooks Jansen battled Keagan Scott and Taylor Garland.

Boa vs Jeet Rama on 205 Live

The two squared off and Rama worked on Boa's arm. He showcased his technical prowess on the mat but Boa used punches and kicks to make his comeback. He kept working on his left arm and delivered a few thunderous knee strikes.


Jeet made a brief comeback but to no avail, as Boa kept dissecting him but the former finally made a comeback to push the latter into a corner. He delivered a few suplexes to gain the upper hand but as he tried to keep the offense going, Boa took advantage of his injured left arm to get back into the contest and deliver a knee strike for the win.

FEAR TIAN SHA rules over BE LIKE JEET as @Bigboawwe defeats @JeetRamaWWE on #205Live!
8:10 AM 路 Oct 16, 2021

Result: Boa defeated Jeet Rama via pinfall on 205 Live.

Grade: B


Josh Briggs and Brooks Jansen vs Keagan Scott and Taylor Garland on 205 Live


It's pickup truck and blue jeans city as @BrooksJensenWWE & #JoshBriggs get the win on #205Live!
8:15 AM 路 Oct 16, 2021

Jansen leveled Garland with a kick and followed it up with a scoop slam and tagged in Briggs. They took Garland out with a double clothesline but he found a brief opening and tried to hit Briggs rebounding off the ropes but got laid out with a Clothesline.

Scott made a blind tag and tried to go after Briggs but received a reverse scoop slam which was followed by a splash. Briggs tagged Jansen in and they delivered an assisted powerbomb for the win.

Result: Josh Briggs and Brooks Jansen defeated Keagan Scott and Taylor Garland via pinfall on 205 Live.


Grade: B

Roderick Strong vs Odyssey Jones on 205 Live


@oshow94 is overpowering @roderickstrong right now on #205Live!
8:24 AM 路 Oct 16, 2021

Strong tried to use his quickness to gain the advantage but was tossed around by Jones. He delivered a cheap shot and it briefly looked like he would have the advantage but the latter used his power to gain momentum in the match.

He backed the NXT Cruiserweight champion into a corner and lodged attacks on his abdomen region followed by knees to it. He smashed his face on the turnbuckle in all four corners leading him out of the ring.

A brief hesitation from Jones allowed Strong to attack his knee from the outside. He followed it up with a dropkick and kept working on Jones' left knee.

Jones fed off the energy from the crowd and willed his way out of Strong's submission attempt but the latter delivered a standing dropkick for a near fall. Strong continued his assault but Jones countered a running move by popping him up in the air and followed it up with a power slam and a rolling senton.

THIS IS AWE-SOME! 馃憦馃憦 馃憦馃憦馃憦

8:26 AM 路 Oct 16, 2021

Strong countered a running move from Jones with an elbow to his throat. He went for multiple running attacks on Jones and finally managed to take the big man down with a jumping knee to his jaw to secure the pinfall. The NXT Cruiserweight Champion and Diamond Mine stood tall to end 205 Live.

#WWENXT and #205Live have been put on notice.

@DiamondMineWWE is taking over.
8:30 AM 路 Oct 16, 2021

Result: Roderick Strong defeated Odyssey Jones via pinfall on 205 Live.

Grade: A

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