NXT Cruiserweight Championship

The NXT Cruiserweight Championship is the epitome of high-flying, fast-paced action within the NXT brand. With its storied past and impressive champions, this prestigious title embodies athleticism, innovation, and sheer excitement in the realm of professional wrestling. The championship's influence on the wrestling scene is immense, captivating fans with awe-inspiring showcases of skill and pushing the limits of what can be achieved in the Cruiserweight division.

NXT Cruiserweight Championship
NXT Cruiserweight Championship


The NXT Cruiserweight Championship's origin can be traced back to the original WWE Cruiserweight Championship introduced in 1991. This title helped provide a stage to showcase the unreal abilities of superstars in the wrestling industry. In 2019, the championship found its new home within the NXT brand, affirming its status as a pivotal platform for nurturing and propelling the next wave of high-flying talents to greater heights.

The Tournament:

A thrilling tournament occurred within the NXT brand to crown the new NXT Cruiserweight Champion. Each competition had its own unique style of wrestling, which provided a dynamic environment for the entire tournament. Each one of them wanted to make a mark on this industry with his high-flying abilities and wrestling acumen, and this tournament provided an equal chance to all the competitors to showcase to the audience how much skill they had.

The Competitors:

The tournament showcased a mixed bag of veterans and emerging talents, all of them trying to claim the prestigious title. Athletes such as Jordan Devlin, Santos Escobar, Kushida, Lio Rush, and many more took to the ring, each bringing their unique style and arsenal of breathtaking maneuvers. From high-flying acrobatics to technical mastery, the competitors left no stone unturned in their quest for glory.

The Championship Match:

The culmination of the thrilling tournament arrived with a highly anticipated championship match, showcasing the final two competitors in a battle of skill, heart, and unwavering determination. As the tournament progressed, the NXT Cruiserweight Championship's legacy resonated, with past titleholders such as Jordan Devlin, Santos Escobar, Kushida, and Lio Rush leaving their mark. The inaugural champion, T.J. Perkins, engraved his name with the veterans of the Cruiserweight division when he won the Cruiserweight Classic on September 14th, 2016.

List of Champions

NameNo. of ReignsCombined days recognized by WWE
Jordan Devlin1439
El Hijo del Fantasma/ Santos Escobar1313
Buddy Murphy1183
Cedric Alexander1180
Enzo Amore2107
Drew Gulak1108
Roderick Strong1105
Tony Nese177
Lio Rush163
Rich Swann160
T.J Perkins145
Angel Garza144
The Brian Kendrick130
Akira Tozawa15
Carmelo Hayes1<1

The Impact of the Championship:

The introduction of the NXT Cruiserweight Championship has revitalized the Cruiserweight division, showcasing the artistry of lighter weight classes and providing a platform for emerging talent to shine. These agile and skilled athletes have shattered stereotypes, proving that size is not a hindrance to greatness in wrestling.

On January 4th, 2022, Carmelo Hayes unified the championship with the NXT North American Championship, marking the retirement of the NXT Cruiserweight Championship. Its legacy remains as a symbol of inspiration for aspiring wrestlers who dream of reaching the pinnacle of their craft