WWE Championship

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WWE Championship is a world heavyweight championship in WWE, which is currently on the RAW brand. There have been a total of 51 official champions, with John Cena having the most reigns at thirteen. Eight men have held the championship for a continuous reign of one year or more: Bruno Sammartino (who achieved the feat on two separate occasions), Pedro Morales, Bob Backlund, Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, John Cena, CM Punk and AJ Styles.

The title is one of the two male world titles in WWE alongside the Universal Championship. At present, both titles are held by Roman Reigns and are unified.

WWE Championship History

The WWE Championship was first introduced in the year 1963 as the World Wide Wrestling Federation (WWWF) Championship. The title got renamed the WWF Championship after ending their Alliance with NWA in 1979. In 2001, post the acquisition of WCW. the title was merged with the World Heavyweight Championship and name the WWE Undisputed Championship. In 2002, the company was renamed to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and the company split its roster into two brands RAW and SmackDown. The WWE Championship was then exclusive to the SmackDown brand while RAW got the World Heavyweight Championship.

On December 15, 2013, Randy Orton united the WWE World Heavyweight Championship by defeating John Cena at the premium live event Tables, Ladders and Chairs. In the process of unification, the World Heavyweight Championship was retired and renamed the latter as the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. On June 27, 2016, the title was renamed the WWE Championship again when WWE decided to split their brands again. It was designated exclusively to Friday Night SmackDown and RAW got a Championship named the Universal Championship. After Crown Jewel 2019, both the main Championships shifted brands and the WWE Championship became the top prize of Monday Night RAW.

Bruno Sammartino is the longest-reigning World Champion

As of September 2022, there have been 146 recognized reigns between 54 Champions. The first WWE Champion was Buddy Rodgers. The Champion with the biggest single reign and combined reign is WWE Hall of Famer Bruno Sammartino with a reign of 2,083 and 4,040 days respectively. John Cena has the WWE Championship a record thirteen times. There have eight superstars who have held the Championship for one year or more: Bruno Sammartino (twice), Hulk Hogan, Pedro Morales, Bob Backlund, Randy Savage, John Cena, CM Punk and AJ Styles.

Various WWE Championship Designs

WWWF Championship, February 8, 1971 – March 1, 1979

WWF Championship

WWF Championship during the Attitude Era

WWF/E Undisputed Championship

John Cena with the WWE "Spinner" Championship
The Rock with The WWE Championship

Brock Lesnar with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

AJ Styles with the latest WWE Championship

List of WWE Champions

Here is a list of WWE Superstars who reigned the WWE Championship Title.

Buddy RogersApril 11, 1963House show
Bruno SammartinoMay 17, 1963House show
Ivan KoloffJanuary 18, 1971House show
Pedro MoralesFebruary 8, 1971House show
Stan StasiakDecember 1, 1973House show
Bruno SammartinoDecember 10, 1973House show
Superstar Billy GrahamApril 30, 1977House show
Bob BacklundFebruary 20, 1978WWF on MSG Network
Antonio InokiNovember 30, 1979House show
VacatedDecember 6, 1979House show
Bob BacklundDecember 17, 1979WWF on MSG Network
The Iron SheikDecember 26, 1983WWF on MSG Network
Hulk HoganJanuary 23, 1984WWF on MSG Network
André the GiantFebruary 5, 1988The Main Event I
Ted DiBiaseFebruary 5, 1988The Main Event I
VacatedFebruary 13, 1988Superstars of Wrestling
Randy SavageMarch 27, 1988WrestleMania IV
Hulk HoganApril 2, 1989WrestleMania V
The Ultimate WarriorApril 1, 1990WrestleMania VI
Sgt. SlaughterJanuary 19, 1991Royal Rumble
Hulk HoganMarch 24, 1991WrestleMania VII
The UndertakerNovember 27, 1991Survivor Series
Hulk HoganDecember 3, 1991This Tuesday in Texas
VacatedDecember 4, 1991Superstars of Wrestling
Ric FlairJanuary 19, 1992Royal Rumble
Randy SavageApril 5, 1992WrestleMania VIII
Ric FlairSeptember 1, 1992Prime Time Wrestling
Bret HartOctober 12, 1992House show
YokozunaApril 4, 1993WrestleMania IX
Hulk HoganApril 4, 1993WrestleMania IX
YokozunaJune 13, 1993King of the Ring
Bret HartMarch 20, 1994WrestleMania X
Bob BacklundNovember 23, 1994Survivor Series
DieselNovember 26, 1994House show
Bret HartNovember 19, 1995Survivor Series
Shawn MichaelsMarch 31, 1996WrestleMania XII
Sycho SidNovember 17, 1996Survivor Series
Shawn MichaelsJanuary 19, 1997Royal Rumble
VacatedFebruary 13, 1997Raw
Bret HartFebruary 16, 1997In Your House 13: Final Four
Sycho SidFebruary 17, 1997Raw
The UndertakerMarch 23, 1997WrestleMania 13
Bret HartAugust 3, 1997SummerSlam
Shawn MichaelsNovember 9, 1997Survivor Series
Stone Cold Steve AustinMarch 29, 1998WrestleMania XIV
KaneJune 28, 1998King of the Ring
Stone Cold Steve AustinJune 29, 1998Raw
VacatedSeptember 27, 1998Breakdown: In Your House
The RockNovember 15, 1998Survivor Series
MankindDecember 29, 1998Raw
The RockJanuary 24, 1999Royal Rumble
MankindJanuary 26, 1999Halftime Heat
The RockFebruary 15, 1999Raw
Stone Cold Steve AustinMarch 28, 1999WrestleMania XV
The UndertakerMay 23, 1999Over the Edge
Stone Cold Steve AustinJune 28, 1999Raw
MankindAugust 22, 1999SummerSlam
Triple HAugust 23, 1999Raw
Mr. McMahonSeptember 14, 1999SmackDown!
VacatedSeptember 20, 1999Raw
Triple HSeptember 26, 1999Unforgiven
Big ShowNovember 14, 1999Survivor Series
Triple HJanuary 3, 2000Raw
The RockApril 30, 2000Backlash
Triple HMay 21, 2000Judgment Day
The RockJune 25, 2000King of the Ring
Kurt AngleOctober 22, 2000No Mercy
The RockFebruary 25, 2001No Way Out
Stone Cold Steve AustinApril 1, 2001WrestleMania X-Seven
Kurt AngleSeptember 23, 2001Unforgiven
Stone Cold Steve AustinOctober 8, 2001Raw
Chris JerichoDecember 9, 2001Vengeance
Triple HMarch 17, 2002WrestleMania X8
Hollywood Hulk HoganApril 21, 2002Backlash
The UndertakerMay 19, 2002Judgment Day
The RockJuly 21, 2002Vengeance
Brock LesnarAugust 25, 2002SummerSlam
Big ShowNovember 17, 2002Survivor Series
Kurt AngleDecember 15, 2002Armageddon
Brock LesnarMarch 30, 2003WrestleMania XIX
Kurt AngleJuly 27, 2003Vengeance
Brock LesnarSeptember 16, 2003SmackDown!
Eddie GuerreroFebruary 15, 2004No Way Out
John Bradshaw LayfieldJune 27, 2004The Great American Bash
John CenaApril 3, 2005WrestleMania 21
EdgeJanuary 8, 2006New Year's Revolution
John CenaJanuary 29, 2006Royal Rumble
Rob Van DamJune 11, 2006ECW One Night Stand
EdgeJuly 3, 2006Raw
John CenaSeptember 17, 2006Unforgiven
VacatedOctober 2, 2007ECW
Randy OrtonOctober 7, 2007No Mercy
Triple HOctober 7, 2007No Mercy
Randy OrtonOctober 7, 2007No Mercy
Triple HApril 27, 2008Backlash
EdgeNovember 23, 2008Survivor Series
Jeff HardyDecember 14, 2008Armageddon
EdgeJanuary 25, 2009Royal Rumble
Triple HFebruary 15, 2009No Way Out
Randy OrtonApril 26, 2009Backlash
BatistaJune 7, 2009Extreme Rules
VacatedJune 9, 2009
Randy OrtonJune 15, 2009Raw
John CenaSeptember 13, 2009Breaking Point
Randy OrtonOctober 4, 2009Hell in a Cell
John CenaOctober 25, 2009Bragging Rights
SheamusDecember 13, 2009TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs
John CenaFebruary 21, 2010Elimination Chamber
BatistaFebruary 21, 2010Elimination Chamber
John CenaMarch 28, 2010WrestleMania XXVI
SheamusJune 20, 2010Fatal 4-Way
Randy OrtonSeptember 19, 2010Night of Champions
The MizNovember 22, 2010Raw
John CenaMay 1, 2011Extreme Rules
CM PunkJuly 17, 2011Money in the Bank
VacatedJuly 18, 2011Raw
Rey MysterioJuly 25, 2011Raw
John CenaJuly 25, 2011Raw
CM PunkAugust 14, 2011SummerSlam
Alberto Del RioAugust 14, 2011SummerSlam
John CenaSeptember 18, 2011Night of Champions
Alberto Del RioOctober 2, 2011Hell in a Cell
CM PunkNovember 20, 2011Survivor Series
The RockJanuary 27, 2013Royal Rumble
John CenaApril 7, 2013WrestleMania 29
Daniel BryanAugust 18, 2013SummerSlam
Randy OrtonAugust 18, 2013SummerSlam
Daniel BryanSeptember 15, 2013Night of Champions
VacatedSeptember 16, 2013Raw
Randy OrtonOctober 27, 2013Hell in a Cell
Daniel BryanApril 6, 2014WrestleMania XXX
VacatedJune 9, 2014Raw
John CenaJune 29, 2014Money in the Bank
Brock LesnarAugust 17, 2014SummerSlam
Seth RollinsMarch 29, 2015WrestleMania 31
VacatedNovember 4, 2015
Roman ReignsNovember 22, 2015Survivor Series
SheamusNovember 22, 2015Survivor Series
Roman ReignsDecember 14, 2015Raw
Triple HJanuary 24, 2016Royal Rumble
Roman ReignsApril 3, 2016WrestleMania 32
Seth RollinsJune 19, 2016Money in the Bank
Dean AmbroseJune 19, 2016Money in the Bank
AJ StylesSeptember 11, 2016Backlash
John CenaJanuary 29, 2017Royal Rumble
Bray WyattFebruary 12, 2017Elimination Chamber
Randy OrtonApril 2, 2017WrestleMania 33
Jinder MahalMay 21, 2017Backlash
AJ StylesNovember 7, 2017SmackDown
Daniel BryanNovember 13, 2018SmackDown
Kofi KingstonApril 7, 2019WrestleMania 35
Brock LesnarOctober 4, 2019SmackDown's 20th Anniversary
Drew McIntyreMarch 25 or 26, 2020WrestleMania 36 Night 2
Randy OrtonOctober 25, 2020Hell in a Cell
Drew McIntyreNovember 16, 2020Raw
The MizFebruary 21, 2021Elimination Chamber
Bobby LashleyMarch 1, 2021Raw
Big ESeptember 13, 2021Raw
Brock LesnarJanuary 1st, 2022WWE Day 1
Bobby LashleyJanuary 29th, 2022Royal Rumble
Brock LesnarFebruary 19, 2022Elimination Chamber
Roman ReignsApril 3, 2022WrestleMania 38 Night 2

Top combined Reigns of all time

Hulk Hogan is a six-time world-champion

ChampionNumber of ReignsNumber of Days
Bruno Sammartino24,040
Hulk Hogan62,188
Bob Backlund22,138
John Cena131,254
Pedro Morales11,027
Brock Lesnar7828
Randy Orton10680
Bret Hart5654
Triple H9611
Stone Cold Steve Austin6529
Randy Savage2520
AJ Styles 2511
CM Punk 2462
Shawn Micheals 3396
The Rock 8378
Diesel 1358
Drew McIntyre2300
Kurt Angle4299
"Superstar" Billy Graham1296
Roman Reigns4293+

Current WWE Champion

Current Champion: Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns is the current Undisputed WWE Universal Champion

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