Rob Van Dam

Rob Van Dam

Full NameRob Szatkowski

BornDecember 18, 1970



Relation(s)Sonia Van Dam (m. 1998)


Rob Van Dam, frequently referred to as RVD, grew up in Battle Creek, Michigan and made his first

television appearance in 1987 on WWF TV with Ted DiBiase. Before coming to WWE, he was already

an established name in ECW. He got the name Rob Van Dam from Ron Slinker in 1991 because of his

resemblance to actor Jean-Claude Van Damme. Throughout his early days, Rob Van Dam

participated in numerous independent promotions in USA.

  1. Rob Van Dam Time in WWE
  2. Tag team with Kane
  3. Rob Van Dam WWE Championship

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Rob Van Dam Time in WWE

After Vince McMahon bought off ECW, Rob Van Dam along with a few others from ECW came to

WWE in around 2001. Despite being introduced as a heel, RVD was a huge fan favourite and

remained so throughout his career. During his time in WWE, he won multiple small championships,

participated in the first Elimination Chamber match, and competed in matches against big names

like Kane, The Undertaker and The Rock.

Tag team with Kane

Rob Van Dam was on the radar of World Heavyweight Championship and formed a tag team with

Kane, which dissolved when the latter turned heel after losing to Triple H. This led to a feud between

the two which ended with Kane defeating RVD in a steel cage match.

rob van dam and kane

Rob Van Dam WWE Championship

He finally won the WWE Championship in 2006 cashing in the money in the Bank Contract against

John Cena in a standalone ECW pay-per-view. But he was made to lose it to Edge in a triple threat

match, as well as the ECW World Championship to Big Show. Later he was suspended for 30 days on

the website by Heyman, which was to match his actual suspension from WWE for drug possession

and usage. He returned to WWE multiple times but could never regain his previous position, despite

remaining a fan-favourite. His last WWE run was in 2014, after which he continued wrestling in the

Independent Circuit.

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