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Eddie Guerrero


Many years after his death, many superstars like Sasha Banks pay tribute to Eddie Guerrero’s

unforgettable legacy, imitating his moves or donning his gear. Guerrero hails from a wrestling family

that has spawned many other superstars.

After a short stint at NJPW, Eddie Guerrero rose to fame in ECW where he had some amazing

matches with Dean Malenko. He would move over to WCW soon after, where he would become the

leader of the Latino World Order. He was also a part of the Filthy Animals.

During his time in WCW, Eddie Guerrero became both the Cruiserweight and the US Champion. But

Eddie Guerrero would find the most amount of success in WWE where he arrived with his colleagues

known as The Radicalz.

In WWE, Eddie Guerrero was popularly known as Latino Heat and was known for his catchphrase- ‘I

lie! I cheat! I steal!’ During his WWE stint, Guerrero became WWE Champion, United States

Champion, Intercontinental Champion, Tag Team Champion and in doing so a Triple Crown

Champion and a Grand Slam Champion as well.

Eddie Guerrero was found dead in his hotel room in 2005 owing to acute heart failure. Upon his

death, RAW, SmackDown Live, TNA, ROH and OVW (then WWE’s developmental territory), all paid

tribute to the memory of Eddie Guerrero.

Eddie Guerrero was posthumously inducted into the 2006 Hall of Fame for his contributions to

sports entertainment. Eddie Guerrero’s exceptional matches paved the way for the superstars of

today who may not have the size, but certainly have the heart.

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