WWE United States Championship

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WWE United States Championship
WWE United States Championship

The United States Championship is a professional wrestling championship with a long and illustrious history, having been defended in a variety of promotions until becoming the second mid-card championship in the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) after the Intercontinental Championship.

The National Wrestling Alliance (NWA), a governing body formed in 1948 to oversee professional wrestling promotions across North America, is credited with the creation of the United States Championship. The NWA launched the United States Heavyweight Championship in the early 1970s, which was granted to the wrestler believed to be the greatest in the country.

The championship was defended in numerous NWA-affiliated promotions over the years, including the Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling (MACW), the National Wrestling Federation (NWF), and the World Championship Wrestling (WCW) (WCW). At this time, many outstanding wrestlers held the belt, including Harley Race, Ric Flair, and Lex Luger.

The WWE purchased the WCW in 2001, along with the United States Title. The championship was first defended on Smackdown, the WWE's secondary brand, before being switched to the main brand, Raw, in 2003.

The United States Title has been held by some of the sport's most renowned wrestlers, including John Cena, Eddie Guerrero, and Chris Benoit, since its acquisition by the WWE. The championship has also served as the focal point for some of WWE's most notable fights, such as a steel cage battle between Bret Hart and Mr. Perfect at SummerSlam 1991 and a ladder match between Jeff Hardy and John Morrison at TLC: Tables, Ladders, and Chairs 2008.

John Cena’s run with the championship in 2015 stands out as one of the best in recent times, which saw The Franchise Player sharing the ring with new WWE Superstars like Sami Zayn and Neville, while also putting over the then-NXT Champion Kevin Owens to give the latter a solid start on the main roster.

List of Champions:

No.ChampionChampionship changeReign statistics
1Harley RaceJanuary 1, 1975House showTallahassee, FL1183
2Johnny Valentine
(Vacated on October 4, 1975 after Valentine sustained a career-ending injury in a plane crash)
July 3, 1975House showGreensboro, NC193
3Terry FunkNovember 9, 1975House showGreensboro, NC118
4Paul JonesNovember 27, 1975House showGreensboro, NC1107
5Blackjack MulliganMarch 13, 1976House showGreensboro, NC1217
6Paul JonesOctober 16, 1976House showGreensboro, NC243
Blackjack MulliganNovember 28, 1976House showCharlotte, NC211
Paul JonesDecember 9, 1976House showWinston-Salem, NC36
7Blackjack MulliganDecember 15, 1976House showRaleigh, NC2(3)204
8Bobo BrazilJuly 7, 1977House showNorfolk, VA122
9Ric FlairJuly 29, 1977House showRichmond, VA184
10Ricky SteamboatOctober 21, 1977House showCharleston, SC172
11Blackjack MulliganJanuary 1, 1978House showGreensboro, NC3(4)77
12Mr. WrestlingMarch 19, 1978House showGreensboro, NC121
13Ric FlairApril 9, 1978House showCharlotte, NC2253
14Ricky SteamboatDecember 17, 1978House showToronto, ON, Canada2105
15Ric Flair
(Vacated due to Ric Flair winning the NWA World Tag Team Championship four days before)
April 1, 1979House showGreensboro, NC3133
16Jimmy SnukaSeptember 1, 1979House showCharlotte, NC1231
17Ric FlairApril 19, 1980House showGreensboro, NC498
Greg ValentineJuly 26, 1980House showCharlotte, NC1121
Ric FlairNovember 24, 1980House showGreenville, SC564
18Roddy PiperJanuary 27, 1981House showRaleigh, NC1193
19Wahoo McDaniel
(Vacated on September 8, 1981 when Wahoo McDaniel was injured by Abdullah the Butcher)
August 8, 1981House showGreensboro, NC131
20Sgt. SlaughterOctober 4, 1981House showCharlotte, NC1229
21Wahoo McDanielMay 21, 1982House showRichmond, VA217
22Sgt. SlaughterJune 7, 1982House showGreenville, SC276
23Wahoo McDanielAugust 22, 1982House showCharlotte, NC374
24Greg ValentineNovember 4, 1982House showNorfolk, VA1(2)163
25Roddy PiperApril 16, 1983House showGreensboro, NC214
26Greg ValentineApril 30, 1983House showGreensboro, NC2(3)228
27Dick SlaterDecember 14, 1983House showShelby, NC1129
28Ricky SteamboatApril 21, 1984House showGreensboro, NC364
29Wahoo McDaniel
(McDaniel was stripped of the title on July 1, 1984 as Tully Blanchard was interfering in McDaniel's title defense)
June 24, 1984House showGreensboro, NC47
30Wahoo McDanielOctober 7, 1984House showCharlotte, NC5167
31Magnum T. A.March 23, 1985Worldwide WrestlingCharlotte, NC1120
32Tully BlanchardJuly 21, 1985House showCharlotte, NC1130
33Magnum T. A.
(Magnum T. A. was stripped of the championship on May 29, 1986 for attacking NWA president Bob Geigel)
November 28, 1985StarrcadeGreensboro, NC2182
34Nikita KoloffAugust 17, 1986House showCharlotte, NC1328
35Lex LugerJuly 11, 1987Great American BashGreensboro, NC1138
36Dusty Rhodes
(Dusty Rhodes was stripped of the title on April 15, 1988 and suspended for 120 days for attacking NWA President Jim Crockett)
November 26, 1987StarrcadeChicago, IL1141
37Barry WindhamMay 13, 1988House showHouston, TX1283
38Lex LugerFebruary 20, 1989Chi-Town RumbleChicago, IL276
39Michael HayesMay 7, 1989WrestleWarNashville, TN115
40Lex LugerMay 22, 1989House showBluefield, WV3523
41Stan HansenOctober 27, 1990Halloween HavocChicago, IL150
42Lex Luger
(Vacated on July 14, 1991 when Lex Luger won the WCW World Heavyweight Championship at WCW’s The Great American Bash event)
December 16, 1990StarrcadeSt. Louis, MO4210
43StingAugust 25, 1991House showAtlanta, GA186
44Rick Rude
(Vacated on December 1, 1992 due to Rude suffering an injury)
November 19, 1991Clash of the Champions XVIISavannah, GA1378
45Dustin Rhodes
(The WCW Board of Directors announced the title had been held-up on May 29, 1993, several weeks after Rhodes' controversial title defense against Rick Rude)
January 11, 1993Saturday NightAtlanta, GA1138
46Dustin RhodesAugust 30, 1993Saturday NightAtlanta, GA2119
47Steve AustinDecember 27, 1993Starrcade '93: 10th AnniversaryCharlotte, NC1240
48Ricky SteamboatAugust 24, 1994Clash of the Champions XXVIIICedar Rapids, IA425
49Steve AustinSeptember 18, 1994Fall Brawl 1994: War GamesRoanoke, VA2<1
50Jim DugganSeptember 18, 1994Fall Brawl 1994: War GamesRoanoke, VA1100
(Vader was stripped of the title by WCW commissioner Nick Bockwinkel on March 25, 1995 for hospitalizing Dave Sullivan one week prior)
December 27, 1994StarrcadeNashville, TN188
52StingJune 18, 1995The Great American BashDayton, OH2148
53Kensuke SasakiNovember 13, 1995WCW World in JapanTokyo, Japan144
54One Man GangDecember 27, 1995Starrcade: World Cup of WrestlingNashville, TN133
55KonnanJanuary 29, 1996Main EventCanton, OH1160
56Ric Flair
(Vacated on November 25, 1996 due to Flair suffering from a shoulder injury)
July 7, 1996Bash at the BeachDaytona Beach, FL5(6)141
57Eddie GuerreroDecember 29, 1996StarrcadeNashville, TN177
58Dean MalenkoMarch 16, 1997UncensoredNorth Charleston, SC185
59Jeff JarrettJune 9, 1997NitroBoston, MA173
60Steve McMichaelAugust 21, 1997Clash of the Champions XXXVNashville, TN125
61Curt HennigSeptember 15, 1997NitroCharlotte, NC1104
62Diamond Dallas PageDecember 28, 1997StarrcadeWashington, D.C.1112
63RavenApril 19, 1998Spring StampedeDenver, CO11
(Vacated on July 6, 1998 when Goldberg won the WCW World Heavyweight Championship)
April 20, 1998NitroColorado Springs, CO177
65Bret HartJuly 20, 1998NitroSalt Lake City, UT121
66Lex LugerAugust 10, 1998NitroRapid City, SD53
67Bret HartAugust 13, 1998ThunderFargo, ND274
68Diamond Dallas PageOctober 26, 1998NitroPhoenix, AZ235
69Bret HartNovember 30, 1998NitroChattanooga, TN370
70Roddy PiperFebruary 8, 1999NitroBuffalo, NY313
71Scott Hall
(Scott Hall was stripped of the title by WCW President Ric Flair on March 18, 1999)
February 21, 1999SuperBrawl IXOakland, CA125
72Scott Steiner
(Scott Steiner was stripped of the title by WCW President Ric Flair on July 5, 1999)

April 11, 1999Spring StampedeTacoma, WA185
73David FlairJuly 5, 1999NitroAtlanta, GA135
74Chris BenoitAugust 9, 1999NitroBoise, ID134
75Sid ViciousSeptember 12, 1999Fall BrawlWinston-Salem, NC142
76GoldbergOctober 24, 1999Halloween HavocParadise, NV21
77Bret HartOctober 25, 1999NitroPhoenix, AZ414
78Scott HallNovember 8, 1999NitroIndianapolis, IN241
79Chris BenoitDecember 19, 1999StarrcadeWashington, D.C.21
80Jeff Jarrett
(Vacated on January 16, 2000 due to Jeff Jarrett suffering an injury)
December 20, 1999NitroBaltimore, MD227
81Jeff Jarrett
(All titles were declared vacant by Eric Bischoff and Vince Russo on April 10, 2000 as part of rebooting WCW)
January 17, 2000NitroColumbus, OH384
82Scott Steiner
(Scott Steiner was stripped of the title on July 9, 2000 when he used the banned Steiner Recliner submission hold on Mike Awesome at the Bash at the
April 16, 2000Spring StampedeChicago, IL284
83Lance StormJuly 18, 2000NitroAuburn Hills, MI166
84Terry FunkSeptember 22, 2000House showAmarillo, TX21
85Lance StormSeptember 23, 2000House showLubbock, TX236
86Gen. RectionOctober 29, 2000Halloween HavocParadise, NV112
87Lance StormNovember 10, 2000NitroLondon, England316
88Gen. RectionNovember 26, 2000MayhemMilwaukee, WI249
89Shane DouglasJanuary 14, 2001SinIndianapolis, IN122
90Rick SteinerFebruary 5, 2001NitroTupelo, MS141
91Booker TMarch 18, 2001GreedJacksonville, FL1128
92Chris KanyonJuly 24, 2001SmackDown!Pittsburgh, PA148
93TajiriSeptember 10, 2001RawSan Antonio, TX113
94RhynoSeptember 23, 2001UnforgivenPittsburgh, PA129
95Kurt AngleOctober 22, 2001RawKansas City, MO121
(Championship retired after it was unified with the WWF/E Interncontinental Championship in a match against Test at Survivor Series 2001, which Edge won)
November 12, 2001RawBoston, MA16
97Eddie GuerreroJuly 27, 2003VengeanceDenver, CO284
98Big ShowOctober 19, 2003No MercyBaltimore, MD1147
99John Cena
(John Cena was stripped of the title on July 6, 2004 after attacking SmackDown! General Manager Kurt Angle)
March 14, 2004WrestleMania XXNew York, NY1114
100Booker TJuly 27, 2004SmackDown!Cincinnati, OH268
101John CenaOctober 3, 2004No MercyEast Rutherford, NJ22
102Carlito Caribbean CoolOctober 5, 2004SmackDown!Boston, MA142
103John CenaNovember 16, 2004SmackDown!Dayton, OH3105
104Orlando JordanMarch 1, 2005SmackDown!Albany, NY1173
105Chris BenoitAugust 21, 2005SummerSlamWashington, D.C.358
106Booker T
(Vacated on November 22, 2005, when Booker T's title defense against Chris Benoit ended in a double pinfall)
October 18, 2005SmackDown!Reno, NV335
107Booker TJanuary 10, 2006SmackDown!Philadelphia, PA440
108Chris BenoitFebruary 19, 2006No Way OutBaltimore, MD442
109John "Bradshaw" LayfieldApril 2, 2006WrestleMania 22Rosemont, IL151
110Bobby LashleyMay 23, 2006SmackDown!Bakersfield, CA149
111FinlayJuly 11, 2006SmackDown!Minneapolis, MN149
112Mr. KennedyAugust 29, 2006SmackDown!Reading, PA142
113Chris BenoitOctober 10, 2006SmackDown!Jacksonville, FL5222
114Montel Vontavious PorterMay 20, 2007Judgment DaySt. Louis, MO1343
115Matt HardyApril 27, 2008BacklashBaltimore, MD184
116Shelton BenjaminJuly 20, 2008The Great American BashUniondale, NY1240
117Montel Vontavious PorterMarch 17, 2009SmackDownCorpus Christi, TX276
118Kofi KingstonJune 1, 2009RawBirmingham, AL1126
119The MizOctober 5, 2009RawWilkes-Barre, PA1224
120Bret Hart
(Vacated on May 24, 2010 when Bret Hart became the Raw General Manager)
May 17, 2010RawToronto, ON, Canada57
121R-TruthMay 24, 2010RawToledo, OH121
122The MizJune 14, 2010RawCharlotte, NC297
123Daniel BryanSeptember 19, 2010Night of ChampionsRosemont, IL1176
124SheamusMarch 14, 2011RawSt. Louis, MO148
125Kofi KingstonMay 1, 2011Extreme RulesTampa, FL249
126Dolph ZigglerJune 19, 2011Capitol PunishmentWashington, D.C.1182
127Zack RyderDecember 18, 2011TLC: Tables, Ladders & ChairsBaltimore, MD129
128Jack SwaggerJanuary 16, 2012RawAnaheim, CA149
129Santino MarellaMarch 5, 2012RawBoston, MA1167
130Antonio CesaroAugust 19, 2012SummerSlam
Los Angeles, CA1239
131Kofi KingstonApril 15, 2013RawGreenville, SC334
132Dean AmbroseMay 19, 2013Extreme RulesSt. Louis, MO1351
133SheamusMay 5, 2014RawAlbany, NY2182
134RusevNovember 3, 2014Raw Backstage PassBuffalo, NY1146
135John CenaMarch 29, 2015WrestleMania 31Santa Clara, CA4147
136Seth RollinsAugust 23, 2015SummerSlamBrooklyn, NY128
137John CenaSeptember 20, 2015Night of ChampionsHouston, TX535
138Alberto Del RioOctober 25, 2015Hell in a CellLos Angeles, CA178
139KalistoJanuary 11, 2016RawNew Orleans, LA11
140Alberto Del RioJanuary 12, 2016SmackDownLafayette, LA212
141KalistoJanuary 24, 2016Royal RumbleOrlando, FL2119
142RusevMay 22, 2016Extreme RulesNewark, NJ2126
143Roman ReignsSeptember 25, 2016Clash of ChampionsIndianapolis, IN1106
144Chris JerichoJanuary 9, 2017RawNew Orleans, LA183
145Kevin OwensApril 2, 2017WrestleMania 33Orlando, FL128
146Chris JerichoApril 30, 2017PaybackSan Jose, CA22
147Kevin OwensMay 2, 2017SmackDownFresno, CA266
148AJ StylesJuly 7, 2017WWE LiveNew York, NY116
149Kevin OwensJuly 23, 2017BattlegroundPhiladelphia, PA32
150AJ StylesJuly 25, 2017SmackDownRichmond, VA275
151Baron CorbinOctober 8, 2017Hell in a CellDetroit, MI170
152Dolph Ziggler
(SmackDown General Manager Daniel Bryan ruled that Dolph Ziggler vacated the title after he left the belt in the ring on the December 19 episode of SmackDown)
December 17, 2017Clash of ChampionsBoston, MA29
153Bobby RoodeJanuary 16, 2018SmackDownLaredo, TX154
154Randy OrtonMarch 11, 2018FastlaneColumbus, OH128
155Jinder MahalApril 8, 2018WrestleMania 34New Orleans, LA18
156Jeff HardyApril 16, 2018RawHartford, CT190
157Shinsuke NakamuraJuly 15, 2018Extreme RulesPittsburgh, PA1156
158RusevDecember 18, 2018SmackDownFresno, CA340
159Shinsuke NakamuraJanuary 27, 2019Royal Rumble
Phoenix, AZ22
160R-TruthJanuary 29, 2019SmackDownPhoenix, AZ235
161Samoa JoeMarch 5, 2019SmackDownWilkes-Barre, PA175
162Rey MysterioMay 19, 2019Money in the BankHartford, CT115
163Samoa JoeJune 3, 2019RawAustin, TX220
164RicochetJune 23, 2019Stomping GroundsTacoma, WA121
165AJ StylesJuly 14, 2019Extreme RulesPhiladelphia, PA3134
166Rey MysterioNovember 25, 2019RawRosemont, IL231
167AndradeDecember 26, 2019WWE LiveNew York, NY1151
168Apollo CrewsMay 25, 2020RawOrlando, FL197
169Bobby LashleyAugust 30, 2020PaybackOrlando, FL2175
170RiddleFebruary 21, 2021Elimination ChamberSt. Petersburg, FL149
171SheamusApril 11, 2021WrestleMania 37
Night 2
Tampa, FL3132
172Damian PriestAugust 21, 2021SummerSlamParadise, NV1191
173Finn BálorFebruary 28, 2022RawColumbus, OH149
174TheoryApril 18, 2022RawBuffalo, NY175
175Bobby LashleyJuly 2, 2022Money in the BankParadise, NV3100
176Seth "Freakin" RollinsOctober 10, 2022RawBrooklyn, NY247
177Austin TheoryNovember 26, 2022Survivor Series WarGamesBoston, MA2118+


Q. Who is the youngest United States Champion?

A. David Flair, the son of WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair, is the youngest United States Champion in the title’s history, having been handed the title by his father, who was also the on-screen President of WCW (the promotion having the title at the time) back then.

Q. Who is the oldest United States Champion?

A. Terry Funk is the oldest United States Champion, having won the title in 2000 at the age of 56.

Q. What is the history of the United States Championship?

A. Originally starting off as a title defended across NWA-affiliated promotions, the United States Championship became exclusive to World Championship Wrestling (WCW), acting as their Secondary Title to counter arch-rival WWE’s Intercontinental Championship. Following WCW’s purchase by WWE in 2001, the United States Championship made its way over to the Vince McMahon owned promotion.

Q. Who has the United States Championship in WWE?

A. Austin Theory has the WWE United States Championship currently, being in his 2nd reign with the title.

Q. How many times has John Cena won the United States Championship?

A. John Cena has won the United States Championship five times in his career. The Face that Runs the Place will have a chance to win the title for a sixth time when he fights champion Austin Theory for the star-studded title at WrestleMania 39.