Lex Luger

Lex Luger

Personal Information

Full Name Lawrence Wendell Pfohl
Date of Birth June 2, 1958
Nationality USA
Height 6'4"

Lex Luger: A Brief Biography

Lawrence Wendell Pfohl is an American professional wrestler, footballer, and bodybuilder. Pfohl is best known for his work with WCW and WWF. He is a former WCW World Heavyweight Champion.

  1. Professional Wrestling Career
  2. Championships and Accomplishments

Professional Wrestling Career

WCW (1987-1992)

Pfohl went by the name Lex Luger, as he was a fan of the DC character, Lex Luger. He made his name in NWA before signing with WCW. After his debut, he joined forces with Ric Flair and became a member of The Four Horsemen. In 1987, he defeated Nikita Koloff to win the NWA United States Heavyweight Championship.

At Starrcade, he lost the title to Dusty Rhodes in a steel cage match. By the end of the year, Luger left the stable and created a tag team with Barry Windham to form The Twin Towers. At Clash of Champions, they defeated Tully Blanchard and Arn Anderson for the NWA World Tag Team Championship. A few weeks later, they lost the title when Windham joined the stable. Luger feuded with the stable over the year but was unsuccessful.

He won his second NWA United States Heavyweight Championship from Barry Windham. He lost the title to Hayes at WrestleWar. A few weeks later, Luger retained the title in a rematch. At Halloween Havoc, Luger dropped the title to Hansen only to win it back at Starrcade.

At The Great American Bash, Luger defeated Barry Windham to win the vacant WCW World Heavyweight Championship. After a while Luger began his dispute with WCW over his contract and dropped the title to Sting at SuperBrawl II. Luger joined WBF and WWF after he departed from WCW.

Lex as WCW World Heavyweight Champion

WWF (1993-1995)

After joining WWF, Luger debuted as a heel and was introduced as The Narcissist. He had one major feud with Mr. Perfect, which he won at WrestleMania IX. After Hulk Hogan departed from the company, Luger was pushed as a babyface. However, Luger was not getting over with the audience.

At Royal Rumble, Bret Hart and Lex Luger were the first-ever co-winners at Rumble. At WrestleMania, Luger won by disqualification. Luger spent his time forming a team called The Aligned Powers, who failed to win the titles.

Luger at SummerSlam

WCW (1995-2001)

A week after SummerSlam, Luger made his Nitro debut and signed with WCW. At Halloween Havoc, Luger attacked Hogan and joined Dungeon of Doom. In 1996, Luger, and Sting defeated Harlem Heat to win their first WCW World Tag Team Championship.

The Dungeon of Doom and Four Horsemen allied to end Hulk Hogan. At Uncensored, they faced the team of Hogan and Savage in a "Tower of Doom Steel Cage Match," which they lost. Flair blamed their loss on Luger, and they kicked him out of the stable.

At SuperBrawl VII, Luger and The Giant defeated the Outsiders to win the WCW World Tag Team Championship. Luger won the WCW World Heavyweight Championship from Hogan and lost it back in less than five days.

In 1998, Luger joined NWO and defeated Bret Hart to win his fifth WCW United States Championship. After dealing with an injury, he returned and aided Sting to win WCW World Heavyweight Championship from Hogan.

In his last days with the company, he went by the name Total Package and formed alliances with Buff Bagwell and Ric Flair.

Luger joins the NWO

Sporadic Appearances (2001- 2007)

After being released by the company, Luger wrestled several matches for TNA and WWA before retiring from wrestling.

WWE (2011-Present)

In 2011, WWE signed Luger to work on their wellness policy for wrestlers.

Championships and Accomplishments

ChampionshipNumber of Times
NWA Florida Bahamian Championship1
NWA Florida Television Championship1
NWA Southern Heavyweight Championship3
WCW World Heavyweight Championship2
WCW World Television Championship2
WCW United States Heavyweight Championship5
WCW World Tag Team Championship3
WWA World Heavyweight Championship1
Royal Rumble1