Full NameDustin Patrick Runnels

BornApril 11, 1969



Relation(s)Ta-rel Marie Runnels (m. 2012), Milena Martelloni (m. 2002–2003), Terri Runnels (m. 1993–1999)


Dustin Runnels wrestled under the both names Goldust and Dustin Rhodes during separate parts of

his career. He is the son of the late-Dusty Rhodes, a WWE Hall of Famer who passed away 2015. He

is also the half-brother of former WWE wrestler, Cody Rhodes.

Goldust is currently married for the third time in his life. He has a daughter with his first wife.

A veteran of the wrestling business, Goldust has wrestled throughout his career all over the world,

with his father’s lineage making him a star that everyone kept their eyes on. It was his 2nd run in

WWE, then known as WWF, that saw the debut of his Goldust character.

  1. The Goldust Character
  2. The Goldust WWE Reign

goldust wwe

The Goldust Character

While in this sexually ambiguous character, he was nicknamed ‘the bizarre one’ and wore a golden

coloured jumpsuit, with golden and black face paint, and for a short time, a golden wig. Since the

debut of the character as a villain, Goldust has evolved overtime. While in the beginning he made

lewd gestures during the Attitude, the character became an undeniable fan favourite later on.

Goldust fancied himself a director of films, and his “Shattered Dreams Productions” was a part of his

obsession of everything gold, including the Oscars.

Outside the WWE, he wrestled in other than his Goldust Character. He wrestled in WCW as ‘The

American Nightmare’ Dusty Rhodes.

The Goldust WWE Reign

Goldust has had a long career, and with it has come success in Championships. While he won the

Hardcore Championship an incredible 9 times, he also won the Intercontinental Championship and

United States Championship as well.Arguably his greatest success came in the Tag Team Championship scene, where he won multiple championships, with both Booker T and later his half-brother, Cody Rhodes.Currently, he was honoured with the title of Honorary Sheriff’s Deputy, at Williamson County.


People also ask

What is Goldust finisher called?

Curtain Call - Goldust's main finisher was named after the final step in a theatre production

How old is Goldust?

50 years (11 April 1969)

Is Goldust Dusty Rhodes son?

Runnels is the son of Virgil Runnels, better known as "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes (1945–2015).

Who is Goldust married to?

Ta-rel Marie Runnels (m. 2012)

Milena Martelloni (m. 2002–2003)

Terri Runnels (m. 1993–1999)

Who is Goldust father?

Dusty Rhodes

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