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Bret Hart


Some call him ‘the excellence of execution’ while others call him ‘the best there is, the best there

was, the best there ever will be.’ But those in the WWE Universe will remember Bret Hart as one of

the greatest sports entertainers in history.

Pre-WWE life

Bret Hart came up through the infamous Hart Family dungeon along with ten of his siblings. Bret

Hart’s legendary father Stu Hart trained him in amateur wrestling, in which he gained many

accolades. However, Bret Hart would pursue a career in professional wrestling after he realised that

amateur wrestling was a dead -end job.

Hart Foundation

Hart began as a referee in Stampede Wrestling. He would go on to become a celebrated wrestler in

the promotion but set his sights on WWE thereafter. Joining the Hart Foundation with ‘Jim The Anvil

Neidhart’, Bret Hart would engage in high profile tag team feuds with The British Bulldogs, The Brain

Busters, Demolition and The Rockers.

Singles Career

Bret Hart would go on to win the Intercontinental Championship from Mr. Perfect and then went on

to win the WWF World Heavyweight Championship from Ric Flair. Bret Hart would have great feuds

with the likes of Papa Shango, Razor Ramon and Yokozuna. Bret Hart also won the first ever King of

the Ring tournament on pay-per-view and even won the Royal Rumble match, tied along with Lex


As the product started changing, Bret Hart adapted and had a classic with Stone Cold Steve Austin at

WrestleMania XIII. He would refuse to drop his title in Montreal, leading to the infamous Montreal

Screwjob incident.

WCW career and later

Bret Hart did not have a good run in WCW but still faced the likes of Goldberg, Sting, Booker T and

Lex Luger. An unfortunate kick from Goldberg would bring his career to a screeching halt.

Bret Hart was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2006. Bret Hart returned for a short stint as

RAW General Manager between 2009-2010, and even won the United States Championship during

this time. Bret Hart has since returned on several occasions, mainly to support his niece, Natalya


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