WWE News: Shawn Michaels comments on if Bret Hart is his greatest opponent

HBK talks about his legendary WWE rivalry with Bret Hart!

Nicky Pags
22 Jul 2019, 03:51 IST

Shawn Michaels

What's the story?

WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels is known for his rivalry with fellow Hall of Famer Bret Hart, which infamously ended with the Montreal Screwjob at WWE Survivor Series in 1997.

In a new interview conducted on The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling, HBK discusses his legendary feud with The Hitman, and whether or not Bret Hart is Michaels' best opponent of all-time.

In case you didn't know...

The heated on and off-screen rivalry between Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart came to a head in WWE at the 1997 Survivor Series PPV, when Earl Hebner called for the bell during HBK vs Hart's title match main event, despite Bret Hart never tapping out.

The 'shoot' incident was dubbed The Montreal Screwjob and led to numerous years of bad blood between Hart and Michaels, Vince McMahon and the whole of WWE.

The heart of the matter

During a recent interview with The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling, via Fightful.com, Shawn Michaels addressed whether or not he thinks Bret Hart is his greatest opponent in WWE. He talked about his many feuds, and why he felt that his feud with Bret Hart stood out.


Please note, the below transcription has been edited for clarity.

"I think everyone would certainly say on paper, and you look at Bret, I guess it is no stretch that they had chemistry," said Michaels. "But still, every now and then you run into somebody that does have as much talent but isn't quite there and fortunately Bret and I knew that the first time we ever got in the ring together, I think in a tag team. It is one of those things that you do and it only takes a couple of touches of one another and you know that, 'okay there is something special here.' You find little ways to know that it is going to come to fruition in an even better way and a more positive way in the future, and again that is something that Bret and I had, and I had that with Jericho and I was fortunate enough to have that with a decent amount of guys. But when you put together certainly the ability of a Bret Hart, and you know I certainly feel like I had the capability too, and then you have that chemistry with each other it is a pretty tough combination to beat."

What's next?

Shawn Michaels is set to appear on WWE TV this week, reuniting with Triple H as DX at the Raw Reunion special, and providing guest commentary the following night on Smackdown Live. As for Bret Hart, he declined an invitation to appear at the Raw Reunion show, and will not be present at the event.

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