WWE Rumor Roundup: Major Royal Rumble plans revealed, more Superstars to be released soon, and more – 14 December 2019

A Hall of Famer has been asked to apologise to The Undertaker, and also the reason why Daniel Bryan will not be at TLC!

Published 15 Dec 2019, 03:27

WWE Rumor Roundup

In today's roundup, we take a look at the Hall of Famer who has been asked to apologise to The Undertaker and also the reason why Daniel Bryan will not be at TLC! But before we head into all of that, let's have a look at the top two headline-makers of the day.

WWE have some exciting plans for Royal Rumble but there could be a few Superstars leaving the company soon.

Major Royal Rumble plans revealed

It's WWE's final pay-per-view of the decade this Sunday – TLC. There are a lot of exciting matches lined up for the PPV but it looks like the company has already turned its attention to Royal Rumble and come up with a massive plan!

Bryan Alvarez of Wrestling Observer Live has revealed that both men's and women's Royal Rumble will have 10 RAW, 10 SmackDown and 10 NXT Superstars! He said:

Well, the idea for the Royal Rumble, and this was a while ago, but the plan was Royal Rumble, men’s and women’s, there will be 30 spots, 10 spots to RAW, 10 spots to SmackDown, 10 spots to NXT. That was the plan.
I mean I can’t imagine the Royal Rumble being won by an NXT Star to challenge at a Takeover, I mean you could do that if you wanted to but I would expect that a RAW and SmackDown wrestler would win so then you’d have the championship match at WrestleMania, but, you could also have the NXT individual challenge for the NXT title at WrestleMania because they’re not doing the Takeover events on PPV weekends anymore.

It looks like WWE are pushing NXT as the third main brand now and it is no longer a stepping stone to the main roster.


More Superstars to be released soon?

WWE released Sin Cara, Luke Harper, and The Ascension earlier this month and it looks like there could be more releases soon. We knew that Mike Kanellis had asked for his release but now, Wrestling Observer Live reports that there are more releases on the way!

Regarding releases, within the company the belief is that there are more coming. But these things change rapidly, as for so long it was nobody getting released, then it was if they aren’t happy let them go, and then still, nobody was getting released. It is notable that everyone released was 39 or older except for Albert Hardie Jr. (ACH/Jordan Myles)

The released Superstars have not yet joined another promotion as they need to wait for 90 days.

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