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Daniel Bryan




As American Dragon/Bryan Danielson

Arms Across America / Cattle Mutilation (Bridging double chickenwing); Bridging dragon suplex; Crossface chickenwing, sometimes with bodyscissors; Crucifix position followed by multiple elbow strikes to the side of the opponent's head; Double wristlock to a grounded opponent followed by multiple stomps to the opponent's chest, face and head; LeBell Lock (Omoplata crossface) – 2010; Regal-Plex (Bridging leg hook belly-to-back suplex) – adopted from William Regal; Triangle choke, sometimes followed by multiple elbow strikes to the opponent's head

As Daniel Bryan

Guillotine choke – 2011; Running single leg high knee / Knee Plus – 2013–2016; adopted from Kenta; LeBell Lock / "No!" Lock / "Yes!" Lock (Omoplata crossface)


Air Goat (Suicide dive); Ankle lock; Arm trap seated abdominal stretch; Backflip off the top rope over a standing opponent followed by a crooked arm lariat; Cobra clutch to a facedown opponent; Corner elbow smash; Discus elbow smash; Diving headbutt (independent circuit) / Flying Goat; Dragon screw; Dragon sleeper; Drop toe-hold into the turnbuckles, sometimes followed by kicking the second rope into the opponent's throat; European uppercut; Heel hook; High knee from the apron to the outside of the ring; Indian deathlock; Jumping knee drop; Multiple kick variations (Corner drop, Front missile drop, Yes! Kick -- Repeated shoot to the chest of a kneeling opponent followed by a roundhouse to the opponent's head, with theatrics, Roundhouse, Running big boot); Multiple suplex variations (Belly-to-back, sometimes from the top rope, Belly-to-belly, Cravate, Danielson Special - Innovated -- Double underhook floated over into a cross armbreaker, German, Northern Lights, Snap underhook, Super, Tiger); Rolling fireman's carry slam; Running leg lariat; Single leg Boston crab; Sleeper hold; Small package; Surfboard, sometimes while applying a dragon sleeper


"Self Esteem" by The Offspring (independent circuit); "Obsession" by Animotion (independent circuit); "The Final Countdown" by Europe (ROH/independent circuit); "The Rage (WWE Edit)" by Hermann Langschwert, Wolfgang Killian (WWE; August 15, 2010 – September 13, 2010); "Ride of the Valkyries" by Richard Wagner (WWE; September 20, 2010 – July 29, 2011); "Big Epic Thing" by Jim Johnston (WWE; August 5, 2011 – November 4, 2011); "Flight of the Valkyries" by Jim Johnston (WWE; November 11, 2011–present); "Live in Fear" by Mark Crozer (December 30, 2013 – January 13, 2014; used while a part of The Wyatt Family)


As American Dragon/Bryan Danielson

"The American Dolphin"; "The American Dragon"; "The Best Wrestler in the World"; "John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt"; "The Master of the Small Package"

As Daniel Bryan

"The American Dragon"; "The Beard"; "The Dazzler"; "G.O.A.T. (Greatest of All Time)"; "The King of Beards"; "The "No!" Man!”; "Mr. Small Package"; "The Submission Specialist"; "The World's Toughest Vegan"; "The Yes! Man"

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