Thankfully, the WWE management is loving it.

WWE Rumors: WWE officials' honest reaction to Bray Wyatt's new gimmick revealed

  • Here's what the WWE higher-ups think about the new Bray Wyatt!
Lennard Surrao
Modified 23 May 2019, 02:32 IST

What's the story?

The Firefly Fun House is inarguably the best thing to happen to the WWE in a very long time. It has given Bray Wyatt's career a new lease of life, and the WWE Universe has thoroughly enjoyed the Eater of Worlds' new direction. The Youtube figures paint a promising picture.


The fans aren't the only ones who like what they see as the WWE officials are also really pleased with Wyatt's eerie new segments, as revealed by Brad Shepard.

In case you didn't know...

After being out of action for a sustained period of time, Wyatt made his presence felt on the Raw episode of April 22nd as part of the vignette that introduced the fans to The Firefly Fun House.

The refreshing new angle is perceived to be much darker than Wyatt's earlier avatar. In the subsequent weeks, more layers of his character were unveiled. Wyatt unleashed a monstrous masked version of himself last week as he claimed to have learnt the art to control the darkness within him.

This week's segment was short, effective and extremely disturbing. In case you haven't checked it out yet, here's the video:

Wyatt and Jojo Offerman recently welcomed their son, Knash Sixx Rotunda, into the world and the auspicious addition to his family couldn't have happened at a better time.


The heart of the matter

Brad Shepard opened up regarding the backstage reception to Wyatt's new character on the latest edition go the Oh You Didn't Know podcast.

A source informed him that the WWE higher-ups are loving the Firefly Fun House thus far and have labelled Wyatt as a 'special talent'.

Shepard's source even spoke about Wyatt's failures in the past and added that the former WWE Champion has not been blamed for his sluggish career trajectory.


"According to a source in WWE they have enjoyed the Firefly Fun House and referred to Bray as a ‘super talent who never got the big win he needed over the years which wasn’t his fault," Shepard said.

What's next?

Wyatt is expected to make his in-ring return pretty soon, and if you still aren't hyped about his new gimmick, we just have one thing to say - let him in! 

Published 23 May 2019, 02:32 IST