WWE SmackDown was epic this week

WWE SmackDown Flops and Hits: Finn Balor pulls off a Prince move, Roman Reigns refuses to face John Cena at SummerSlam 2021

Shruti Sadbhav

#2 Hit on WWE SmackDown: Roman Reigns is prepared

Roman Reigns is leading a decorated Bloodline in WWE

The final match of this week's WWE SmackDown saw Jimmy Uso face Dominik in a singles encounter. It was an excellent in-ring bout except for the end, which was quite chaotic. Dominik slipped on the top of the turnbuckle, but Jimmy managed to hold him right in time and prevented an awkward fall.

A distraction and little help from Jey Uso led to Jimmy Uso pinning Dominik. The latter has delivered good performances in the past, and he is still learning. It would be harsh to criticize him for an unfortunate botch, and he will undoubtedly do better on WWE SmackDown.

The Usos celebrated their win, and out came Roman Reigns. He walked into the ring and cut a brutal promo on John Cena. The Universal Champion pointed out how Cena is still saying the same things as he did back in the 2000s. Reigns stated that everything music, outfit, entrance, run to the ring, promo, and insults are the same, and thus, he is not interested in facing John Cena.

"It is the same thing, over and over and over and over. It's like missionary position every single night," said Roman Reigns.

We know that this match is now bound to happen. But before that, it was essential to see if Reigns' new and improved version is prepared to take on Cena, whose words can hit as hard as his blows. It is vital for Roman Reigns to look convincing as “The guy” on WWE SmackDown when he stands across from John Cena.


His reaction to the “Roman’s scared” chants was accurate to his heel gimmick. Reigns will now engage in a title rivalry with Finn Balor, and he could draw major heat while feuding with a crowd favorite on WWE SmackDown.

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