Ace Indian archer Deepika Kumari to star in upcoming Hindi movie 'Bisahi'

Deepika Kumari
Deepika Kumari

What's the story?

If you were used to seeing your regular actors and actresses on the silver screen then think again. India's ace archer Deepika Kumari is set to make her debut in the acting world by starring in a Hindi movie currently titled "Bisahi".

The movie itself is based on social issues and directly deals with the horrific practice of witch-hunting. Deepika Kumari will play the lead role in the movie as she considered it very necessary to show the world that such supposedly extinct social evils actually still exist in India. Moreover, being from Jharkhand, she believes that the practice exists in her own home state.

In case you didn't know...

Deepika Kumari is a Commonwealth Games gold medallist from Ranchi and is currently ranked world number 5 in the sport of archery. She has also been a former world number one in the sport as well as been conferred with the prestigious Arjuna Award for her achievements.

The heart of the matter

The producer of the movie will be Suresh Seth Bhagat, who has highlighted the evils existing in society, with witch-hunting being among those that are generally overlooked, but are equally tormenting. The practice involves blaming women for practically everything and terming them as "witches".

After having initially refused the offer, the script has encouraged Deepika to take up the movie which will be shot entirely in her native Jharkhand in order to bring out these social issues to a worldwide audience.

What's next?

Shooting for the movie is said to begin in mid-March, but despite her acting responsibilities, Deepika stays laser-focused on her bid to win a medal at the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.

Author's take

Hopefully, the acting assignment won't deter Deepika from her main task of winning India a medal in archery as she has all the talent to do so.

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