Look at the major archery tournaments that are gaining increasing popularity

Over the years, archery has gained immense fame as a major form of sport. Its transformation has been significant – from a form of warfare to a sport with immense fan following. And now it has an excellent competitive landscape as well. Some amazing archery competitions are held every year. Some of them offer the most competitive scenes, including nail-biting finishes. The top archers of the world participate in these tournaments and fight for the glory. Many of these competitions are known to

Here’s a quick look at some of the most amazing tournaments that attract the attention of the archery lovers on a regular basis.

World Cup Archery

It’s not been long since the World Cup Archery has come into existence. It was first held in 2006. The tournament is supervised and organized by the World Archery Federation. It consists of both recurve as well as compound archery. The World Cup Archery is held every year. It has already been held in a number of countries. However, since 2012, the competition is being held regularly in Shanghai, China.

This tournament is expected to be held in other cities, such as Antalya, Berlin, and Salt Lake City in the years to come as well. This tournament has formats for both the male and female archers. Since the beginning of the Archery World Cup, the United States of America has been the most successful of all the countries, followed by South Korea and Russia.

Archery World Championships

The Archery World Championships is one of the major archery tournaments in the global stage. It contains a number of tournaments under its ambit. These include:

  • Outdoor World Championship in Target Archery
  • Indoor World Championship in Target Archery
  • World Archery Field Championship

The Outdoor World Championship in Target Archery is known as the World Championships. It has been in existence since 1931, when the tournament was held using only recurve bow. Since 1995, it has also been allowing the use of compound bow.

Some of the major tournaments under the Outdoor World Championships include:

  • Youth archery
  • University archery
  • 3D archery
  • Para-archery

Indoor archery has helped the organizers of archery tournaments in a significant manner. There’s no need to be dependent on nature for an amazing weather during the tournament. This ensures that the Indoor World Championship in Target Archery can be held even during times when it is not the right season for archery.

The distance between the archer and the target in an indoor setting is usually kept between 18 meters and 25 meters. This tournament has sections for both recurve and compound forms of archery.

World Archery Field Championship

One of the major advantages of archery is that it can be held in both indoors as well as outdoors. Hence, different types of tournaments are also held to meet these two formats. Field archery is one of the most common forms of archery these days. And you can even find different tournaments in this format. One of the most popular tournaments of archery is the World Archery Field Championship.

Field archery is an amazing form of archery, which is known to offer varying challenges to the competitors. It involves shooting at targets of different sizes. Moreover, the distances of the targets from the archer also vary significantly. In most of the cases, this tournament is held in the woods. Hence, the archers need to follow the targets prudently enough to hit them.

This ensures that the archers face different types of challenges while participating in the World Archery Field Championship. The indoor competitions have smaller targets than their outdoor counterparts and hence, it is not an easy task for the archers to hit the bull’s eye.

In addition to these, the game of archery is also an integral part of major multi-sport events, such as the Summer Olympics. Besides, it is also one of the most important sports that are held in the Paralympics. The popularity of archery is currently on the rise. More and more archers are competing in these tournaments. And many of them are concentrating on these major tournaments, as they help in improving their rankings in the world of archery.

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