Archer Deepika aces 5 setter, advances to pre-quarterfinals at the Olympics 2021

Archery - Olympics 2021
Archery - Olympics 2021

World No. 1 Indian archer Deepika Kumari defeated USA’s Jennifer Mucino-Fernandez 6-4 in the 1/16 elimination round on Wednesday. The Indian archer efficiently advanced to the pre-quarterfinals of the women's individual recurve event at the Olympics 2021.

With a ninth position finish in qualification, Deepika Kumari was set up against Bhutan's Karma in 1/32 round. The veteran archer comfortably cruised past Karma with a 6-0 in the 1/32 elimination round.

Deepika will play her 1/8 Eliminations match on Friday.

Indian Archer Deepika Kumari
Indian Archer Deepika Kumari

Deepika's encounter with Karma (1/32 round)

Set 1 Deepika 2 - Karma 0

Deepika Kumari bagged the 1st set 26-23. Deepika began with a weary 8! The ace archer scored two 9's after that. Whereas, Karma (Bhutan) started with an eight as well. But a substandard 6 at the second arrow cost Karma her first set in the women's singles 1/32 elimination round.

Deepika: 8, 9, 9

Karma: 8, 6, 9

Set 2 Deepika 4- Karma 0

The second set was identical for Deepika and Karma with a score of 26-23. Deepika opened with an 8, later followed it up with two 9's. Meanwhile, Karma scored two 7's and a 9, to end the set.

Deepika: 8, 9, 9

Karma: 7, 7, 9

Set 3 Deepika 6 - Karma 0

It was a decent performance from Deepika in the third set. She started with a 9, then targeted a perfect 10 in the second arrow, and finished the third set with an 8. But Karma failed to deliver. She started with a lousy 6, then came back to score a 9 and and 10, which was clearly not sufficient to win the set as Deepika sealed the match in style 27-24.

Deepika: 9, 10, 8

Karma: 6, 9, 10

Deepika vs Jennifer Mucino-Fernandez (Round of 1/16)

Deepika vs Jennifer
Deepika vs Jennifer

Set 1 Deepika 0- Jennifer-2

Deepika started the set with a disappointing 7, while Jennifer responded with a 9. In the second attempt, it was a 9 for the Indian archer. Whereas, a perfect score for Jennifer. During their final arrow, it was a 9 and 7 for Deepika and jennifer respectively. However, the 18-year-old won the set, 26-25, to take the lead.

Deepika: 7, 9, 9

Jennifer: 9, 10, 7

Set 2 Deepika 2- Jennifer 2

With two consecutive 10's in the end, Deepika compensated well for her ordinary start. Deepika aced the second set with a 28 - 25 win over Jennifer. A second attempt 7 cost Jennifer the set.

Deepika: 8, 10, 10

Jennifer: 9, 7, 9

Set 3 Deepika 4- Jennifer 2

In the third arrow, Deepika scored 8, while Jennifer could only manage a 7. A disappointing start for youngster Jennifer cost her the third set 27-25.

Deepika: 10, 9, 8

Jennifer: 8, 10, 7

Set 4 Deepika 4- Jennifer 4

A second arrow 6, was expensive for Deepika, as Jennifer held on to her nerves to score a 9 and pip Deepika with a score of 25-24.

Deepika: 9, 6, 9

Jennifer: 9, 8, 8

Set 5 Deepika 6 - Jennifer 4

The match was decided by a single point! Jennifer needed a 10 to carry the match forward to the shoot-off. But it was a 9 for the USA archer. With a final score of 26-25, Deepika sailed through a thrilling 5 setter and won the match.

Experience can always be the greatest weapon. Deepika proved it again with her performance during her 1/16 elimination round.

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