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Top 5 Archery accessories you will need during competitions

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Planning to pursue your interest in archery further?  Want to participate in some tournaments – may be those organized for the amateurs? Then you will need a lot of things. And to start with, you will need the bow and the arrow. But that’s not all. Are you going for a compound bow? Then you will need a number of accessories with it as well. All of these will have a role to play to ensure that you are able to hit the target properly.

Here’s a quick sneak peek at some of the accessories that you will need with your compound bow.

  • Arrow rest
  • Sight
  • Stabilizer
  • Release
  • Quiver

So, how are these accessories going to come in handy while you participate in an archery competition?

Let’s have a look.

Arrow Rest

You have your bow and the arrows. But that’s not all. You need to place the arrow correctly on the bow to ensure that it hits the aim. This is why you will need an arrow rest. It will be attached to the bow to help you keep the arrow and set your aim. This arrow rest will guide the arrow out of the bow properly. So, it is necessary when you are all set to shoot it. So, the arrow rest is a must if you are looking to be accurate and consistent while hitting the target. There are two types of arrow rests that have gained immense popularity among the archers – the containment arrow rests and the drop-away arrow rests.


Aiming is the key to being a good archer. You will have to see the right point of target to hit it perfectly. That’s why you will need a sight. It will help you to set the arrow in line with the target. It will, of course, depend on you to release the arrow with the perfect velocity. But it’s the sight that will help you keep the arrow in the perfect line to hit the target correctly. The sights usually have three types of pins:

  • Fixed pin
  • Moveable pin
  • Pendulum pin

Among all these, the fixed pins are the most popular ones and are used by majority of the archers around the world.


While targeting, it is essential to hold the bow straight. But it’s not easy to do this, especially because of the heavy weight of the bows. But an unstable way to hold the bow might affect the shooting posture as well as the end result as well. To solve this problem, a stabilizer is a must. It will help to:

  • Balance the bow perfectly
  • Absorb the vibration, which occurs while leaving the arrow

So, if you are looking to boost the accuracy while shooting, using a stabilizer can be a great idea. It will help to better your results as well.


A release, as the name suggests, is necessary to ensure that the arrow leaves the bow in a perfect manner. So, it is one of the most essential things, which helps you aim the target and hit it properly. One of the most popular releases is the wrist strap caliper release, which is attached to the wrist of the archer with a strap. Besides, the hand held release is also quite popular among the archers. It requires them to use three or four fingers to draw the string and the release is made through the use of back tension, pinky triggers, and thumb.


When you are participating in an archery tournament, you won’t have a single arrow with you. In fact, you will have to carry quite a few. So, how will you take them from one place to another while moving around? This is why you will need a quiver. It’s the arrow holder that you will need during the matches. And while choosing it, you can also focus on the style in addition to the usability. It comes in different shapes. So, choose the quiver that matches your personality.

If you are planning to get the best results in your archery endeavors, just a bow and the arrows won’t do. You will need these accessories as well to make the archery competition memorable for yourself.

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