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Top 5 Safety Gears that are must for Archers

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Archery has come a long way as a major form of sport in recent times. It has carved out a niche among the most popular sports and has also been able to find a place in some of the major sporting events. For example, it has been quite long since archery has been a part of the Olympic Games. Besides, the Archery World Cup and World Archery Championships are also held on a regular basis. In addition, a large number of regional competitions are also held across the globe.


Despite the fact that it is considered as a sport these days, it is important to keep in mind that the sport of archery has evolved from a type of warfare. So, it has every characteristic that can result in accidental injury, even when you are pursuing it as a sport. So, it is important to have proper safety precautions while you are pursuing archery.

So, what are the safety gears that you need as an archer?

Here’s a sneak peek:

  • Bracer
  • Finger tab
  • Thumb ring
  • Chest guard
  • Safety harness


While you are shooting the arrow, there is a chance that when you release the bowstring, it might catch the inside part of your arm. This can cause immense pain. Besides, it will also lead you to miss the target. Moreover, your clothing might come in the way when you are pursuing archery. The bracer or arm guard is used to stop both of these from happening. It helps you avoid pain and also ensures that the arrow is shot in the correct manner and in the right direction.

Finger Tab

Which hand do you use to pull the string of the bow? You will need a finger tab for that hand. It's necessary to avoid injury when you are pulling the string. The finger tab protects the first as well as the second fingers so that it does not suffer any bruise when you apply pressure to pull the string. It is important to wear this gear even during the practice session to avoid getting a sore finger. While the gloves can perform a similar function, they cause the palm to perspire or become too hot. So, the finger tabs are the best options while performing archery, especially during the summer months.

Thumb Ring

Thumb rings are extremely essential gears to help you keep the thumb safe while pulling the string of the bow back. This gear, usually made from different kinds of materials, such as stone, leather, or plastic, is worn around the thumb. It forms a protective layer for the thumb's inner pad. But this is not necessary in all kinds of archery. This is because, the thumb is not used as much in other forms of archery as in Asian archery.

Chest Guard

Have you seen an archery shooting with his bow and arrow? Have you noticed the clothing properly? There is always a dress that looks like a vest or a waistcoat, which is worn over that side of the chest where the archer holds the bow. These are meant to reduce injury that might otherwise happen when the string retorts back after a strong unleashing. It also reduces the interference of the clothes with the string when it is drawn close to the body. The chest guards are usually made from leather, plastic, nylon, or other materials, and are fitted to the body of the archers with the help of buttons, studs, or cords. In addition to functioning as a protective gear, the chest guards also help in enhancing the accuracy of the archers.

Safety Harness

In archery, you don’t always have the option of shooting from a level ground. Especially when you are going for bow hunting, you might need to climb a tree and shoot from there. What will happen if you lose balance and fall down from the tree? You will have an immense impact if you hit the ground and hence, you will be badly injured. This is where an archery safety harness will come in handy for you. It might not be able to stop you from slipping or falling, but it can prevent you from hitting the ground, thus reducing the extent of injury.

Archery is an amazing sport. But it involves equipment that were earlier used in warfare. Hence, there is always a chance that these might result in injury. This is why, it is essential for the archers to have proper safety gears while pursuing the sport.

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