3 Greatest moments in Olympic history

Usain Bolt - The thundering bolt
Usain Bolt - The thundering bolt
Rajat B

Olympics, as we all know, is a gathering of thousands of athletes competing to be the best. The event has athletes from as many as 206 countries as reported in 2016 Olympics in Brazil.

The Olympic games occur every four years. Most of the Olympic games are often fast sports, where we have seen games lasting for a mere 10 seconds which keep the audience on the edge of their seats all time.

The likes of these games are not often hyped as it lacks a particular fanbase or a fan following even though there have been individuals who have redefined the sporting world. The major drawback to these games is how frequently the games are being played?

It's very rare, right? So when you don't have anything to offer to the fans, that too in a sporting industry, it's hard to keep up with the big sports and leagues.

Here is a list of top 3 moments in Olympics.

#1 Usain Bolt creates history in Beijing Olympics 2008

Usain Bolt is arguably the fastest man the world has ever seen. He has been a phenomenon in the Athletics world and has bolted 11 world records to his name. It was 2008 Beijing Olympics that turned out to be a golden event as he created three records which include:

100-meter dash: 9.69 seconds (Later this record was surpassed by himself in Berlin world Athletics championships 2009)

200-meter dash: 19.31 seconds (Later this record was surpassed by himself in Berlin world Athletics championships 2009)

4x100 meter relay: He along with his teammates completed the race in 37.10 seconds.

The stat and the math were staggering, almost unbelievable. He was all over the media channels, people started comparing him to Cheetah. Bolt never seemed running to win the game, it was all about creating the world records that would probably leave the world with OMG moments.

To just get a quick understanding of how fast Usain Bolt is, let's consider his 100-meter record. Breaking down the math, 100 meters in 9.58 seconds would mean 10.44m/s which accounts to 23.35mph, That's how Bolts runs.

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