3 Greatest moments in Olympic history

Rajat B
Usain Bolt - The thundering bolt
Usain Bolt - The thundering bolt

#2 Joseph Schooling - The boy who beat his childhood hero

Joseph Schooling - The new superstar
Joseph Schooling - The new superstar

Joseph Schooling shocked the swimming world by defeating the most decorated Olympian of all time, Michael Phelps. It was in 2016 Rio Olympics when Joseph won the gold in the 100m butterfly at a record time of 50.39 seconds while Phelps had to settle for the silver finishing at 51.14 seconds.

Joseph was thrilled and all the fans across the world knew the magnitude of that win. It indeed was the beginning of a new era. It did seem surreal as Joseph himself quoted to the media post game.

The story of Michael Phelps and Joseph Schooling is quite interesting, Joseph had met his childhood hero Phelps in Singapore before the 2008 Beijing Olympics and eight years later both of them met as competitors at 2016 Rio Olympics and as we all know the rest is history.

Clinching the first ever gold to a nation at the age of 21 by defeating the veterans of the craft takes a lot of hard work and dedication.

This event is surely a defining one because this event saw the end of an Era, Michael Phelps retiring after a 24-year career with pure dominance and a rise of a new superstar, Joseph Schooling.

The sport continues to entertain and inspire people around the world with the likes of dedicated athletes like these.


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