All you need to know about the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 2017

Mumbai Marathon
The Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon is held on the third Sunday of January every year

It’s that time of the year again when all the running enthusiasts across the world come together for a charitable cause in order to help the people of different communities every year in the city of dreams, Mumbai. The Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon is held on the third Sunday of January every year with all the major celebrities from different sections of the industry as well as proven marathon runners from across the globe competing in 6 different categories:


Marathon: 42.194 km (MINIMUM AGE ELIGIBILITY: 18 years as on race day)

Half marathon: 21.097 km (MINIMUM AGE ELIGIBILITY: 18 years as on race day)

Dream Run: 6 km (MINIMUM AGE ELIGIBILITY: 12 years as on race day)

Senior Citizens Race: 4.3 km (MINIMUM AGE ELIGIBILITY: 60 years as on race day)

Champions with Disability category: 2.4 km (Participation is open for individuals with following disabilities: physical/locomotor disability, intellectual impairment, visual impairment, hearing impairment and orthopaedic or neurological disorder)

DHL Corporate Champions: 42.195 km, 4-person relay

Philanthropy Partners

The Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon (SCMM) is the largest marathon in Asia as well as the largest mass sporting event in the continent with over 42,000 runners competing to lay their hands on the whopping prize money of USD 384,000. But this is not the only reason behind SCMM’s unmatched success over the years, the event also consists of a fundraising platform managed by United Way Mumbai, the philanthropy partner of the event.

Over the years, this fundraising platform has assured SCMM to raise to a new level in terms of philanthropic events in the country with around 512 NGO’s raising approximately INR 162 crores over the past 13 editions. Most interestingly, one can choose the NGO to which his/her contributions should go to from the given list of registered NGO's on the basis of causes or issues.


Kenyan international Gideon Kipketer went on to win the last edition of the SCMM with a record timing of 02:08:35 in the men’s division of the Full Marathon while his counterpart Valentine Kipketer holds the record for the best time in the women’s division as she went on to clock the timings of 02:24:33 in the 10th edition of the Mega marathon.

Gideon Kipketer
Kenyan international Gideon Kipketer exults after winning the 13th edition of the SCMM last year

As far as the Indian compatriots are concerned, Nitendra Singh Rawat clocked the best time of 02:15:48 in the men’s division while Sudha Singh clocked the best time in the women’s division of 02:39:28 at the last edition of the SCMM (Not Overall).

Mumbai Marathon in Numbers

2: Base camps with a combined bed strength of 60 beds.

7: The total number of doctors on bikes

11: The number of ambulances, which will play on the route; each with a doctor and a nurse

11: Aid stations along the route

162: The amount of money in crores (INR) which has been raised throughout the past 13 editions of the SCMM.

500: The number of volunteers, including medical staff from the Asian Heart Institute, will be at the marathon.

512: The number of NGO’s registered with the Mumbai marathon through their fundraising platform ‘United Way Mumbai’.

42,379: The number of total participants registered to take part in the 14th edition, further divided into 6 categories: Full-Marathon (6342), Half-Marathon (14,663), Dream Run (19,980), Senior Citizens Race (921), Champions with Disability (433) and Police Cup (40 teams).

384,000: The total amount of prize money in USD to be given at the 14th edition of the SCMM, making it the richest race in the country.

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