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Modified 10 Oct 2013


I have been getting a lot of enquiries of why I have been absent from the writing space for a while so I thought I should rise again and make my presence felt. Since the last KTM, there has been a whole plethora of things that has kept me occupied, and sadly, training has not been one of them. Call it a spate of bad luck or a simple case of me being careless but I have constantly been in bed these last few weeks. Mum and Dad were away on holiday for a while so nutrition took a hit too, and then Mum was suddenly hospitalized while on holiday so that added to the stress levels as well.

Being as active as I usually am and then to fall sick so suddenly while having to curb most of, if not all activity and for such an extended period – meant all around depression and low energy levels. All of these conditions put together did not make for a very happy or bubbly Miss Sharma. In fact, a big shout out of  Thanks to all the people who have had to deal with me the last few weeks. I have certainly not made anyone’s life easier with my long mopey and constantly grumpy self.

As unwell as I have been, me being me, each time I felt a little strong, I took a chance and headed out for a run, a bike ride or a swim – and yea, it felt great, until the endorphins wore off and then I was stuck in bed again. However, there have been two rather fabulous outings in the last few weeks. One was the long run a bunch of us decided to undertake on Gandhi Jayanti. This was more like a Hash Harriers run for fun with us taking turns as per the trail and having  a generally great time while discovering some beautiful routes around Bangalore.

With the Bangalore Ultra around the corner, it has now become imperative for all those aiming to cover these ultra distances to get used to what we refer to as “time on feet”. As we would all agree, running, as natural as it is – is not an easy sport. There is a reason that an olympian such as Emil Zatopek said, “If you want to run, run a mile. If you want to experience a different life, run a marathon.” It is not easy for the human body to be on its feet for long extended periods and Ultra distances are far greater than that of a Marathon. Speed training is one thing and tough it is undoubtedly, but then there is an Ultra which is not only a test of endurance and patience but also a spiritual journey of self exploration.

For those who are unaware, any distance beyond the Full Marathon distance of 26miles or 42.195K is considered to be an Ultra. So in theory, even a distance of 43K would be an Ultra. The Bangalore Ultra is an event organised by RFL and is now in its 7th edition. Each year has seen the number of participants increase and is one of the events that most seasoned runners look forward to simply because it is an easily accessible, well organised race which provides the seasoned runners with a chance to push themselves out of their comfort zone and test their endurance.

As I have mentioned time and again, running is an addictive sport – it engulfs you and gives you numerous avenues to constantly punish yourself, emerge stronger and then push yourself out of your comfort zone yet again. If a marathon helps you experience a different life, an ultra introduces you to a brand new person.

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Published 09 Oct 2013
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