Athletics - Track Events Women at Asian Games 2018 - India claims 1 Gold, 4 Silvers, and 1 Bronze.

Asian Games - Day 8
Dutee Chand (IND) - Silver medalist 100m & 200m.

Indian women have made their presence felt as they had brought medals in the sprint, middle distance, long distance, hurdles and the relay events. India is indeed proud of the achievements of these athletes who are bound to improve their performance in the next 2 years to get ready for the Olympics. Hima Das also shattered the Women's 400m National record when she won the Silver.

Edidiong Odiong became the fourth athlete in Asian Games history to do the 100m/200m double. Chisato Fukushima (JPN) in (Guangzhou, 2010), Esther Rot (ISR) in (Tehran, 1974) and Mona Solaiman (PHI) (Jakarta, 1962) were the athletes who have done the double earlier.

Edidiong Odiong and Salwa Eid Naser from Bahrain each won 3 Golds and 1 Silver at the Jakarta games.

Women's 100 meters

Dutee Chand almost got the Gold for India but was pipped in the final 10m by Odiong of Bahrain. A commendable effort from the pocket dynamo. The field was so competitive that the defending champion Yongli of China took the Bronze, Fukushima of Japan who was the Silver medalist at Incheon failed to qualify for the Semi's and the 2014 Bronze medalist Safranova finished 6th in the finals.

Gold - Edidiong Odiong (BRN) 11.30, Silver - Dutee Chand (IND) 11.32, Bronze - Wei Yongli (CHN) 11.33.

Women's 200 meters

The script remained the same in the 200m as it was in the 100m. Odiong had a comfortable victory in the 200m. There were three disqualifications due to a false start in the 200m race. Victoria Zyabinka of Kazakhstan was disqualified in Heat 3. Hima Das of India was disqualified for a false start in the Semi's, immediately followed by Hajar Alkhaldi of Bahrain two of whom were expected to be a prospective medal hopes.

Asian Games - Day 10
Edidiong Odiong (BRN) - Gold medalist in the 100m & 200m.

Gold - Edidiong Odiong (BRN) 22.96, Silver - Dutee Chand (IND) 23.20, Bronze - Wei Yongli (CHN) 23.27. Disqualified - Hima Das (IND) IAAF 162.8.

Women's 400 meters

World No. 2 Salwa Eid Naser of Bahrain was run close by Hima Das of India for the Gold medal, but her Games record winning effort was too good for Hima and ensured the Gold for Naser. Hima broke the Indian National record with an amazing run. Nirmala put in her best effort, but still finished in 4th place.

16th IAAF World Athletics Championships London 2017 - Day Six
Salwa Eid Naser (BRN) - 400m Gold medalist

Gold - Salwa Eid Naser (BRN) 50.09 (GR) (Previous - Kemi Adekoya (BRN) 51.11, 2014 Incheon), Silver - Hima Das (IND) 50.79 (NR), Bronze - Elina Mikhina (KAZ) 52.63. 4th Place - Nirmala Sheoran (IND) 52.96.

Women's 800 meters

Wang of China stepped up with a season-best effort to win the Gold in the 800m to deny Bahrain another Gold. There was no Indian representation as Tintu Luka of India was injured as she has a sub-2-minute record and would have been the favourite for the Gold.

Asian Games - Day 10
Wang Chunyu (CHN) - 800m Gold medalist

Gold - Wang Chunyu (CHN) 2:01.80 (SB), Silver - Margarita Mukasheva (KAZ) 2:02.40, Bronze - Manal El-Bahraoui (BRN) 2:02.69.

Women's 1500 meters

It was a 1-2 finish for Bahrain with Gezahegne taking over from Gashaw in the last lap to run away victorious. Chitra of India was rewarded for staying with the lead group with a Bronze.

IAAF World Indoor Championships - Day One
Kalkidan Gezahegne (BRN) in the green jersey earlier represented Ethiopia

Gold - Kalkidan Gezahegne (BRN) 4:07.88, Silver - Tigist Gashaw (BRN) 4:09.12, Bronze - P. U. Chitra (IND) 4:12.56.

Women's 5000 meters

Gezahegne continued her good form in the 5000m to take the Gold in an authoritative display of running as she had a lead of more than 200m. Maslova of Kyrgyzstan denied Bahranian Rebitu from taking the Silver.

Gold - Kalkidan Gezahegne (BRN) 15:08.08, Silver - Darya Maslova (KGZ) 15:30.57, Bronze - Bontu Rebitu (BRN) 15:36.78. 5th Place - Suriya Loganathan (IND) 15:49.30, 7th Place - Sanjivani Baburao Jadhav (IND) 15:52.96.

Women's 10000 meters

Maslova of Kyrgyzstan put up a splendid performance to take the Gold and relegated Chumba of Bahrain to the second position.

Asian Games - Day 10
Darya Maslova (KGZ) excited after winning the 10000m Gold.

Gold - Darya Maslova (KGZ) 32:07.23, Silver - Eunice Chumba (BRN) 32:11.12, Bronze - Zhang Deshun (CHN) 32:12.78. 6th Place - Suriya Loganathan (IND) 32:42.08, 9th Place - Sanjivani Baburao Jadhav (IND) 33:13.06.

Women's 100m Hurdles

A surprising change up for the Gold was provided by Jung of Korea who took the 100m Gold. Indonesia was jubilant as they got a Silver through Emilia with a personal best effort. Lui of Hong Kong gave a personal best effort to take the Bronze.

Asian Games - Day 8
Jung Hye-Lim (KOR) - 100m Hurdles Gold medalist

Gold - Jung Hye-Lim (KOR) 13.20, Silver - Emilia Nova (INA) 13.33 (PB), Bronze - Lui Lai Yiu (HKG) 13.42 (PB).

Women's 400m Hurdles

World No. 7 Adekoya of Bahrain produced a Games record as she scorched the track on her way to take the Gold medal. Quach of Vietnam produced a National record to take the Silver.

Asian Games - Day 9
Kemi Adekoya (BRN) - 400m Hurdles Gold medalist

Gold - Kemi Adekoya (BRN) 54.48 (GR) (Previous - Kemi Adekoya (BRN) 55.09, 2014 Incheon), Silver - Quách Thị Lan (VIE) 55.30 (NR), Bronze - Aminat Jamal (BRN) 55.65. 4th Place - Anu Raghavan 56.92, 5th Place - Jauna Murmu 57.48.

Women's 3000 meters steeplechase

World No. 9 Winfred Yavi took a comfortable lead and won the steeplechase event in style. Sudha Singh of India was rewarded for staying close to Winfred as much as possible and took the Silver. Nguyen of Vietnam created a new National record to take the Bronze.

16th IAAF World Athletics Championships London 2017 - Day Six
Winfred Mutile Yavi (BRN) - 3000m steeplechase Gold medalist in the red jersey

Gold - Winfred Mutile Yavi (BRN) 9:36.52, Silver - Sudha Singh (IND) 9:40.03, Bronze - Nguyễn Thị Oanh (VIE) 9:43.83 (NR). 11th Place - Chinta 10:26.21.

Women's 4 × 100 meters relay

Bahrain created a National record and smashed the Games record to take the 100m relay.

Bahrain 4 x 100m relay Gold medalist (Image Courtesy: Xinhua Sports)
Bahrain 4 x 100m relay Gold medalist (Image Courtesy: Xinhua Sports)

Gold - Bahrain 42.73 (GR, NR) (Iman Essa Jasim, Edidiong Odiong, Hajar Alkhaldi, Salwa Eid Naser) (Previous - China 42.83, 2014 Incheon), Silver - China 42.84 (Liang Xiaojing, Wei Yongli, Ge Manqi, Yuan Qiqi), Bronze - Kazakhstan 43.82 (Viktoriya Zyabkina, Elina Mikhina, Svetlana Golendova, Olga Safronova).

Women's 4 × 400 meters relay

India won the 4 x 400m relay even before the event started with a master plan. They had their best runner Hima Das to start things off and she gave a rousing start with a huge lead. The Indians capitalized on the lead, which proved too big even for the likes of Odiong and Salwa Naser to overthrow. This was India's 4th consecutive Gold in the 4x400m relay at the Asian Games. Vietnam took the Bronze with a season-best effort.

Asian Games - Day 12
India took the Gold in 4 x 400m relay

Gold - India 3:28.72 (Hima Das, M. R. Poovamma, Sarita Gayakwad, V. K. Vismaya), Silver - Bahrain 3:30.61 (Aminat Jamal, Iman Essa Jasim, Edidiong Odiong, Salwa Eid Naser), Bronze - Vietnam 3:33.23 (SB) (Nguyễn Thị Oanh, Nguyễn Thị Hằng, Hoàng Thị Ngọc, Quách Thị Lan).

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