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Namibia to attend Rio Paralympics despite Zika virus outbreak

The African country will be sending athletes with all necessary precautions taken into consideration.

News 15 Feb 2016, 13:43 IST
Abner Xoabug is the president of the Namibian committee
Abner Xoabug is the president of the Namibian committee (Source: The Namibian)

Namibia has said 10 athletes will travel to Rio de Janeiro for the 2016 Paralympic Games in September despite the Zika virus outbreak.

President of the Namibia National Olympic Committee, Abner Xoagub, said on Sunday all necessary precautions have been taken into consideration. The government of Brazil has urged athletes to wear long-sleeve clothing, and have additional mosquito repellents on them, reports Xinhua.

"In fact, it will be winter when the games will take place, which translates to fewer mosquitoes and lesser if not, no infections," said Xoagub.

However, the National Paralympic Committee of Namibia secretary general, Michael Hamukwaya, said they were concerned.

Hamukwaya also said they were yet to receive any information from the authorities regarding the situation.

"We will wait on the recommendations that they will give us," he said.

The games are scheduled for September 7-18.

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