"We have a good friendship and a good rivalry" - Akani Simbine beats Fred Kerley at Silesia Diamond League

Athletics - Commonwealth Games: Day 6
Akani Simbine at the Commonwealth Games

South African sprinter Akani Simbine achieved a remarkable feat at the 2023 Silesia Diamond League by securing victory over Fred Kerley in the men's 100-meter race. This triumph marked Simbine's first win against Kerley this year and served as a testament to his skill and determination.

Previously, Simbine had finished second to the 28-year-old American at the Gateshead Diamond League in May. However, at the Silesia Diamond League, Simbine maintained his impeccable form, crossing the finish line in a time of 9.97 seconds, edging out Kerley. In a photo finish, Kerley claimed second place with a time of 9.98 seconds, while Emmanuel Eseme of Cameroon took third place with 9.99 seconds.

Simbine at the Olympics
Simbine at the Olympics

Simbine expressed his disbelief and excitement at finishing in the first place. He admitted that he was doubting his victory until his name was announced.

Simbine stated:

"I wasn’t sure getting to the line that I won. But then I heard my name! I came in here for the win, so I am most happy. I won against all of them, not only against the world champion, Fred Kerley."

Simbine expressed his satisfaction with his performance and his desire to maintain his excellent form leading up to the World Championships in Budapest next month. He acknowledged his strong friendship and rivalry with Kerley, emphasizing the significance of being the first athlete to defeat him this year.

"I know, I am the first to beat Fred this year; we have a good friendship and a good rivalry. I am very satisfied with my performance and hope to continue my good form," he added.

Simbine also expressed his appreciation for the Silesia Diamond League, describing it as an "amazing and beautiful" event.

"It is amazing and beautiful here, one of the best Diamond League meetings in the circuit. I love this stadium; it is big, but you still feel close to the crowd. I will come back here next year." he concluded.

Sprinters Akani Simbine and Fred Kerley to Clash Again at Monaco Diamond League

Akani Simbine - World Athletics Relays Silesia21
Akani Simbine - World Athletics Relays Silesia21

After a thrilling showdown at the Silesia Diamond League, Akani Simbine and Fred Kerley are set to go head-to-head once again at the upcoming Monaco Diamond League. This highly anticipated event will not only feature the exciting rematch between Simbine and Kerley but will also bring together Olympic champion Lamont Jacobs of Italy and world silver medalist Justin Gatlin of the USA, adding even more excitement to the competition.

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