Did Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno work out together?

Lou Ferrigno (L) and Arnold Schwarzenegger (R)
Lou Ferrigno (L) and Arnold Schwarzenegger (R)

Arnold Schwarzenegger is widely considered the greatest bodybuilder of all time, having won everything there is to win in the sport. In his sporting career, he has competed and won in multiple weightlifting and powerlifting competitions too.

Apart from sports, he has had a successful political career as the 38th governor of California, passing and signing off on some iconic bills for the state. Arnold has authored numerous books, including a few bestsellers, acted in multiple hollywood hits, and also produced quite a few of them. He stands today as one of the most influential figures on the face of the earth.

Many remember Louis "Lou" Jude Ferrigno Sr. as The Hulk from the 1977 Marvel classic The Incredible Hulk, a role that he played on the show until 1981, after which he played the same role in three Marvel movies. Ferrigno, known for his muscular build in Hollywood, also had a bodybuilding career. His involvement in bodybuilding and acting overlaps with the career path of the great Schwarzenegger. So this begs the question:

Lou Ferrigno aka The Incredible Hulk, 1988
Lou Ferrigno aka The Incredible Hulk, 1988

Did Schwarzenegger and Ferrigno hit the gym together?

Ferrigno made his breakthrough in bodybuilding in 1969 when he won the International Federation of BodyBuilding and Fitness' (IFBB) Mr. America. The kickstart allowed him to win the IFBB Mr. Universe in 1973.

Early on, Ferrigno had the opportunity to train with Schwarzenegger as he lived in Colombus. Ferrigno finished second at the 1974 Mr. Olympia and third at the competition the following year. He attempted to beat Schwarzenegger, but finished behind him both times. This inspired the creation of the documentary Pumping Iron that brought fame Ferrigno's way.

In a 2015 video posted on Schwarzenegger's YouTube channel, the two bodybuilders and Hollywood legends are seen getting their chest pumps on together!


The two icons were seen at Gold's Gym at Venice beach, California, hitting the chest press machine and counting each other's reps up to 12.

Schwarzenegger and Ferrigno have been friends ever since their bodybuilding days, competing against each other and training together. The answer to our initial question is very straightforward: Yes, they have worked out together in the past and may be hitting the gym together even now.

Schwarzenegger and Ferrigno (Image via Twitter)
Schwarzenegger and Ferrigno (Image via Twitter)

Schwarzenegger's achievements outside of bodybuilding

Arnold has been quoted as an inspiration by a great many athletes and almost every single bodybuilder. However, he also stands out as an excellent example outside the realm of sports.

In his time as governor of California, he managed to pass the United States' first bill placing a cap on greenhouse gas emissions. He was elected as the governor for two terms: 2003-2007 and 2007-2011.

He has been heavily involved with the Special Olympics and was the official spokesperson for the 2007 event held in Shanghai. He also played a role in academia by establishing the Schwarzenegger Institute for State and Global Policy in 2012, where he still serves as the chairman.

The icon is also the author of multiple books, including Developing a Mr. Universe Physique and Arnold's Bodybuilding for Men.

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