"I would say this much wine" - Arnold Schwarzenegger talks about sleep and alcohol with Bert Kreischer and Fortune Feimster

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bert Kreischer and Fortune Feimster (Image via Arnold Schwarzenegger/YouTube)
Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bert Kreischer, and Fortune Feimster (Image via YouTube/Arnold Schwarzenegger)

Arnold Schwarzenegger teamed up with comedians Bert Kreischer and Fortune Feimster for a special workout collaboration video, during which he spoke about the quality of sleep and alcohol consumption. The video was posted on Arnold's YouTube channel.

When asked about his sleep and alcohol consumption, Arnold said,

"Six or seven hours, yeah very well, not always. No (I don't drink alcohol). No, I would say this much wine [gesturing a size of about two inches with his fingers] and this often means there's some pasta, but that's maybe once a week. I used to drink more, like 10 shots of Schnapps, but not anymore."

The collaboration workout included a lat pulldown machine, incline press machine, seated row machine, and rear delt pec fly machine. The workout session began with the lat pulldowns. Arnold said,

"Simple pull-down machine, all the way down until you hit the bottom, and then all the way up, and down, and up, and down. Bert (Kreischer) is next, nice and easy nice and easy, stand up grab the top part (and then sit down). All the way down, go all the way down. Don't stretch the biceps, we're training the wings."

Arnold Schwarzenegger also stated that he doesn't train heavy anymore due to his many heart surgeries. The seven-time Mr. Olympia champion revealed that his max deadlift was 710 pounds and that he used hotel fitness centers for staying fit during acting projects.

He also revealed his best movie physique was in Conan the Destroyer.


Arnold Schwarzenegger believes that luck doesn't exist

Discussing about his upcoming Netflix series, FUBAR, Schwarzenegger insisted that luck is not something that actually exists.

"There's no such thing as luck, there's talent, and then talent meets opportunity, that’s luck. For her (Feimster) to jump into a high-action series with big players, it's an opportunity. Why is there an opportunity? Because the talent is there and everybody thought it was to be funny, the intense scenes, stabbing, throwing, cutting the throat and all that stuff, and then there's some comedic stuff that comes in that makes people laugh."

FUBAR is an upcoming spy adventure and comedic drama series releasing on May 25 on Netflix. Arnold Schwarzenegger plays the role of a CIA operative and stars alongside Monica Barbaro and Fortune Feimster.

Arnold Schwarzenegger shares eating tips in his recent newsletter

In his recent newsletter, Arnold said most diets focus on what to remove or restrict. The former pro bodybuilder wrote,

"Instead of thinking about what to remove, focus more on what to add to your diet. When you eat more of what’s good, you’ll give your body what it needs (think healthy foods), and still have a little room left over for what it wants (think dessert)."

Further in his newsletter, Arnold Schwarzenegger suggested his followers to focus on fruits, vegetables, beans, lentils, nuts, seeds, and oats. He also added you can even eat bread and pasta, but should opt for whole wheat options with at least 4 grams of fiber per serving.

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