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Video: South African bodybuilder dies while doing a backflip in freak accident

4.11K   //    11 Aug 2017, 20:45 IST

WARNING: Graphic Content

South African bodybuilder Sifiso Thabete tragically passed away aged just 23, in his native city of Durban.

The freakish accident took place in the city during a bodybuilding event at a community hall in Umlazi, Durban. The incident occurred just moments after Thabete was announced to present his impressive physique to the onlooking crowd inside the hall.

In the video, you can see that Thabete enters the hall to cheers from the crowd and can be seen flexing his massive muscles on his way to the stage. As the announcer lists out his achievements in a local language, Thabete casually walks to the centre of the stage.

Thabete was a Junior World Champion in the 'upto 75kg category'
Thabete was a Junior World Champion in the 'upto 75kg category'

At this point, he makes an attempt at a back flip which ends in catastrophic fashion.

Far from completing the flip, the South African athlete falls in an awkward manner and lands straight on his neck. A confused bunch of spectators looked on as slowly the seriousness of the situation became clear to everyone. A group of men can be seen making their way towards the fallen bodybuilder once they realise he is not getting up from the failed back flip.

While details remain sketchy, it is known that he died on his way to the hospital and since then, the video of his fatal jump has gone viral on social media. Thabete's signature move was a back flip and he had performed the action several times in the past without any issues. Body Building South Africa personnel are claiming that lack of socks caused a slip while doing the flip which led to him falling on his neck.

Thabete was a Junior World Champion in the 'upto 75kg category' and was said to have had a bright future ahead of him in the profession of bodybuilding and the tragic loss of this talented athlete has sent shock waves throughout the world.

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