'Steadfast envisions making India protein-efficient by 2040 and the world's sporting powerhouse by 2050': Aman Puri, founder, Steadfast Nutrition

Aman Puri, Owner and Founder, Steadfast
Aman Puri, owner and founder, Steadfast

Steadfast Nutrition, a premium sports and wellness nutrition brand, was established to provide high-quality supplements to competitive athletes and fitness fans. Today, professional coaches and athletes are more aware than ever of the significance of nutrition in sports. While there are many elements that affect an athlete's overall performance in their chosen discipline, eating is an important piece of the puzzle because it supplies the necessary energy.

Sports nutrition is the study and practice of nourishing your body with the goal of enhancing athletic performance, and it is approached differently than general health nutrition. The ultimate objective is to increase performance and realize genuine potential, and when correctly implemented, a scientific, person-centered nutrition plan can assist you in doing just that.

"Steadfast stands behind its 'For Athletes, By Athletes' motto": Mr. Aman Puri

The company's founder Mr. Aman Puri has always been an enthusiastic and competitive athlete. He holds national and international accreditations in triathlons, speed skating, cricket, national-level shooting, and mountain biking.

Joining Sportskeeda for an exclusive chat over the enterprise, Puri began by talking about the company's foundations and initial vision. He said:

“The initial idea behind Steadfast Nutrition was to build premium formulations that are convenient to carry, portable, and enhance performance, making them apt for athletes who want to deliver a medal-winning performance. Till a few years back, most supplements came in bulky boxes and had duplication and adulteration problems. Steadfast Nutrition was launched to fulfil this gap between the demand and the availability of high quality nutritional supplements. We launched unique, single-serving sachets, which are of top quality, and free of duplication and adulteration, leading to a healthier and fitter India.”

Puri became aware of the enormous disconnect between the sports community and high-quality sports nutrition during his transition from being a sports enthusiast to competing in national and international competitions. Speaking about the journey, he said:

“Being a sportsperson, I experienced first-hand an athlete’s requirement for top-quality nutritional supplements. Back then, international athletes had an edge over Indian athletes [when it came to] access to premium supplements. Moreover, the Indian market was dominated by foreign brands. I set out on a journey to fulfil the gap.”

Steadfast Nutrition was founded in 2017 by Puri as a daughter company of Steadfast MediShield, which has been serving patients with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) and organ transplantation since 2008. It has grown in size and stature ever since. Commenting on the growth of the company, Puri said:

“The market size for nutraceuticals is increasing day by day, and presently stands at ₹5000 crore. The market lies in the unorganized sector. Steadfast Nutrition has been aggressively capturing market share year on year; we are among the fastest-growing sports nutrition brands in the history of India."

Noting some of the company's pioneering achievements, he added:

"We launched unique, organ-friendly single-serving scoopless sachets for which we have been appreciated by our customers. We were the first Indian brand to do so. We are known for our quality and research. Our products appeal to people from all walks of life- athletes, fitness enthusiasts and people aspiring for optimum physical and mental health.”

The company has collaborated with rapper and sureshot internet sensation Baba Sehgal to create a quirky and unique theme song for the company. Commenting on that association, Puri said:

“Legendary rapper Baba Sehgal has an eye for detail, which led to a collaboration between Steadfast and the singer. He is officially the first rapper of India, while we are the first in the country to launch sachets. This led to a collaboration between the two. Steadfast sachets symbolise potability and convenience. They make exercise fun; similarly, Baba Sehgal makes singing effortless and brings a lot of humour in his songs."

A healthy diet, good nutrition, and products that help an athlete recover quickly are of great importance to football players. With that in mind, Indian footballer Dalima Chhibber became the company's brand ambassador in 2018.

Commenting on the tie-up, Suri said:

“Dalima Chhibber has been the captain of the Indian football team and was looking for supplements she could trust. She tried various potent Steadfast formulations, which led to an impactful performance. This led a collaboration between Dalima and Steadfast.”

The nutrition company is already associated with 50 athletes across 22 different sports. From cricketers like Virat Singh, Shahbaz Nadeem, Neha Tanwar, and Pratik Bhakat to badminton stars like Chirag Sen and Deeksha Choudhary, the company has an incredible bunch of talented youngsters on board.

Explaining how the company stands behind its motto, Puri said:

“Steadfast Nutrition firmly stands by its motto of 'For Athletes, By Athletes' because of its premium formulations, which are steroid-free and lead to medal-winning performances. Today Steadfast supports and sponsors over 150 athletes of over 35 sporting categories. All athletes who consume our products vouch for them.”

There is a lot of bad sports nutrition information floating around, and the only way to cut through the myths and find the truth about how to fuel your body for maximum endurance performance is to look at the science - or have someone look at the science for you. Puri broke down some myths by saying:

“The primary misconception in the market is that supplements are steroids. We need to understand that high-quality supplements will improve the quality of life and athletic performance. When they’re of good quality and in the right quantity, supplements are very effective.”

Explaining his vision for the future, Puri said:

“Steadfast envisions making India a protein-efficient country by 2040 and the sporting powerhouse of the world by 2050. By fulfilling their nutritional needs, we have provided infinite opportunities to countless athletes to excel in their field and reach their true potential. We have also sponsored many of the country’s biggest national and international championships to provide youth with with platforms to showcase their talent.”

Today, Steadfast is a premium sports and wellness nutrition brand with a nationwide reach through its multiple ventures. It has a variety of items with numerous important applications. The business offers products that aid in increasing energy or bulk, as well as wellness products and other necessities for daily life that are useful after a workout.

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Edited by Sandeep Banerjee