Magnus Carlsen expects Viswanathan Anand to qualify for revenge match

World Chess Championship 2013

World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen has released his second YouTube video with views on the Khanty Mansiysk World Chess Candidates 2014. Carlsen expects Anand to qualify for the revenge/return match for the world title that the Indian chess superstar lost to Carlsen in November 2013. Carlsen also “revises” his opinion of Sergey Karjakin’s play considering the latter’s comeback of sorts in the Candidates which now makes him the only person theoretically standing in Anand’s way, along with possibly Aronian who is the top seed and pre-tournament favourite. Two more rounds are to be played in Khanty Mansiysk.

And here’s the World Chess Champion’s first video (6th round) with comments on the Khanty Mansiysk World Chess Candidates 2014.

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